Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Last Saturday I was dragged to a family party. I don't really get along with my family that much, they're annoying and embarrassing and it just gets painful to be around them. But, hey, I'm sure that everyone has to deal with family members like that.

It was my Great Aunt's 80th birthday. By Great Aunt I don't mean that she was a "great" aunt; that she was fantastic or anything. I mean that she is my grandmother's sister. So she is my great aunt. Anyway, so not only did I not want to go. But my mum, my dad and my grandad didn't want to go. But we were still dragged along. Anyway at this party there were a lot of relatives who I can't stand and a dozen or so old people from the village.
I haven't been to the last few family parties, saying that I had too much revision and stuff so I couldn't possibly go. So that meant that I hadn't actually seen anyone for some time, since I haven't been to school in the village for like seven years. There's only a number of cheek pinching that one girl can deal with in the space of twenty minutes. I wanted to scream!

Thankfully I was swiftly forgotten since my cousin's enter the venue; people who fight for their mother's attention. So I sat there in my little booth, bored out of my mind. I'd taken a book with me but I wasn't allowed to read. That lasted for ten minutes. After that I was in the corner reading. That is until I was confronted by relatives. I really did want to scream.

I tried to be nice. Really I did but well things took a turn for the worst once my relationship status was thrown into the mix. They asked about my life and stuff and then the question came out .... so, where's your boyfriend?

Now I have never had a boyfriend. I am notoriously single. So I just said, well I don't have one. And instead of them saying something like of fair enough and then moving on. Oh no, instead this eighty year old woman said "well why the hell not! You need a man in your life."

Excuse me? That did make me a little bit speechless for a moment. What the hell? How medieval is that? Long story short, I basically screamed at this lady and had a complete feminist rant! I get that some people are in relationships. I get that they feel dependant on those gentlemen that they are in a relationship with (or lady, I'm not one to judge). But I don't understand how someone could say that to me. It's the twenty first century for pities sake!!!!!!!!!

Some people cannot be alone. I get that. I have several friends who find it impossible to not be in a relationship. I get that some people don't like to be alone; they've always had friends or siblings so it made sense. But to say that you can't be alone and that you depend on this one person. Grow up! My mates are 17/18 they aren't going to be with this one person forever. It could happen, sure, but the likelihood is that it you are not going to be with that guy or girl for long. Especially if you move away to university or drama school or just away in general. Most long distant relationships don't work; especially for young people. So, in my opinion, there is little point in being in a relation if you are going to move away. Not that anyone has offered to be in a relationship with me.

Anyway, to have an elderly lady to say that to me. Well it was rude. I am a young woman, other than to be spoiled rotten and to tell some of my useless knowledge to, I don't really need a man. I'm not a damsel in distress. I don't need someone to protect me. Unless someone comes at me with a knife or something then I'll just want help from anyone who's nearby; i'm not bothered if you are a guy or a girl.

Why do old people care if I am in a relationship? Ugh! Does anyone else feel my pain?

Sorry for this little rant!

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