Thursday, 30 October 2014


My name's Alisha and I am the Queen of Stress - bow down to your queen people!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what I do, I get stressed; no matter its importance. Which is not good because I either get really ill - one of the only times I do get ill because I have quite a good immune system - or I just curl up a ball and cry loads. It's usually the latter to be honest. I really do cry quite a bit.

The most stressed I've ever been was definitely my G.C.S.Es. I had all my exams in the May/June of 2014 and I have 26 exams all together; so I think you can all imagine my stress. Having to know everything for all 26 exams is hard enough as it is, but by having not learnt everything on the courses by the Easter; you can understand my panic. Also the pressure that my parents, grandparents, teachers and even friends but on me unknowingly made it even harder. I'm fairly intelligent but not that intelligent either. I do like to learn things, don't get me wrong, I mean I'm one of those weird children who loves school and I can never get my nose out of a book; but my brain mainly runs on creative/practical stuff. You know like singing, acting, dancing and writing - duh. So it takes a while for me to learn everything.
So having very intelligent friends who didn't need to revise excessively as I did ... do ... to achieve top grades was even worse.

For me a lot of time at G.C.S.Es was spent curled up in a ball, crying my eyes out and eating about triple my body weight in sweets and other comfort foods like that - genuinely I put on like 2kg in the monthish of exams alone. All that wasn't great for me because it meant that I lost time doing the revision that needed to be done.

And I know I'm probably going to be in a similar state for my a-levels because I'm the idiot who decided to do my pathway and two bloody demanding additionals on top. Oh ... do excuse my french.

But that isn't good - I really don't want to be spending the next two years either being sick or crying all the time thank you very much - so I now follow some rules/guidelines that I thought I should share with you all because stress really isn't your friend.

1 - Start revision early.
I know, this one sounds obvious but literally start revision straight away because  the longer you get to work on something the longer you're going to have to remember it so the more you'll be able to remember by the end of it.

2 - Have a timetable.
This one is a given too and you will be told by loads of people - parents, teachers etc ... But it really does help. Split up your work load into manageable chunks and you will get a lot more work done, trust me.

3 - Get rid of distractions.
So that means one thing and one thing only. GET RID OF YOUR PHONE!!!!!!! Sorry, I had to shout, it was the only way to get my word across. I know that this one is hard, my generation is the one that has a phone permanently attached to their phone. Literally. I expect most were pushed out of their mother's womb/uterus/thing - whatever you want to call it -  with a phone in their hand, screaming as they tried to get their highest score on flappy bird. Well, okay, maybe not but you get what I'm saying - we're obsessed with our phones!!!!!! Anyway, having your phone around is a major distraction and you won't get any work done and trust me when I say that this will seriously stress you out! Also get rid of friends and family too. Work time is work time, no friends allowed. Put your phone on silent and in another room, turn the wifi off so that facebook, twitter or youtube will not become you or call for any distractions. I know some of these things might sound a little but harsh but if you want to do well then do these things; trust me it really helps.

4 - Breaks
This is really important, save some time off to relax. Toilet breaks. Coffee breaks. Whatever. But on these breaks please go out of the room and go and do something. A fresh mind is a clever mind. Just wait until the end of your section to go and have a break; unless you really can't concentrate then I go and spend sometime outside with my adorable ferrets. They always distract me and help me relax a little bit.

5 - Relax
This is probably the  most important thing you are going to read in this post. Relax. At some point we all need to go and relax. Whether that's curling up with the telly or a book or just spending some time doing with me. Whether that's going out with your friends or stuffing your face with Ben and Jerry's. It really doesn't matter. As long as you don't spend every single second of the day revising or working then you'll be fine, because if you do, your brain is likely to explode! Trust me on this, I know, that has almost happened to me on multiple occasions.
Sometimes just stop work and forget about it for the day. Have a pamper session and just relax.
I'm going to do a post soon about my stress relief pamper session, so don't worry. It will help.

By doing some of this stuff, you will feel slightly less stressed compared to before. Just eat a lot of junk/comfort food and you will feel a lot better. I promise.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Being Ginger

It's strange living in the UK and being ginger, because we're the only country that dislikes the colour; or seems to anyway. I've been ginger all my life - duh - I haven't ever dyed my hair, I'm not allowed to dye my hair - though I don't want to - but because of my hair colour I've been bullied. Well that and all my other flaws.

That what I don't get, the UK is the one country in the whole world where people who are ginger are shunned. And it makes no sense. Okay, this is probably going to be quite deep for me; you can skip this if you want. You don't have to because I am about to have a huge rant!

The other day I was walking round town and someone shouted at me, this person shouted, "Go back to Ireland" and then chucked an empty bottle at me (thankfully this bottle was plastic and they had a lousy throw so it didn't come anywhere near me). This isn't the first time that this has happened, I've been told to get back to Scotland too. And the annoying thing is that I am not Irish or Scottish. I'M FROM MILTON KEYNES! And as far as I know I haven't got any direct Scottish or Irish relatives/ancestors!!!!!!!

Now, I've learnt to ignore this. But what really annoys me is that a police officer was walking on the other side of the street and he didn't do anything about it. He just ignored us!

So basically he was ignoring a piece of discrimination! That's what it is, this bullying towards ginger people is basically discrimination!!!!! People say that racism and sexism is moving on and that people in the younger generations aren't racist - which is completely true - but more people are homophobic or gingerist.

Why can't people be understanding that we are all unique and that it doesn't matter. Some days I despise being ginger and I want to go and grab the closest batch of hair dye and just get rid of it all; all because of the way that people treat me. And I know that it's not just my hair, it's the fact that I have awful acne, have to wear glasses, have a lisp, and I have a load of puppy fat. But people do mainly concentrate on my hair and that really pisses me - excuse my french.

But that isn't the worst thing about being a ginger, the worst thing is that these people who feel the need to destroy my life because of my hair colour, the people who make fun of it and me every single day suddenly come to school or work or where ever it is with hair that is dyed ginger the next day - or an attempt to be ginger at least. You know the bright red stuff that doesn't suite many people. No offence if any of you have done this but it really does annoy me. I mean you have basically ruined my life for weeks, months, years and then suddenly you contradict everything you're ever said by dying your hair so that - and I quote - 'you look like a fucking retarded carrot'. Once again excuse the french.

People, I have a message for you ..............

GROW UP!!!!!

This is probably how people felt when we treated black people as second class citizens, or woman and if it was a race then people would say that they were being racist or if it was some homosexual people they would be called homophobic. So why don't people complain about gingers being discriminated?????

I doubt it will happen but I would love if we could get a hashtag to trend this on twitter. I have no clue what it would be so ideas people, but if that hashtag could trend then I know that a lot of other gingers would feel ... well ... equal.

So ... yeah ... that's the end of my rant. Therefore that's me done.


Monday, 20 October 2014


Confidence is a strange thing. I've discovered that recently. Last Thursday I had my hair cut and I did something rash. I had my hair cut a lot shorter than normal. I mean really short. Like a long bob short! And something strange happened to be because of that. I feel really confident. Like confident as in the confidence I feel when I'm on stage, like I'm someone else. It was odd. I've never really had the most confidence. I wear glasses, I have awful acne, I'm not skinny at all and I have a lispe. I've been bullied a lot in the past and because of that of I lost most of my confidence. 
But when I had my hair cut, this wave of confidence just sort of attacked me!!! It'd probably because I use ... used ... it as a curtain to hide behind when I wasn't feeling confident at all. But with that gone I have to be more out there. And I really am. 

I think it's mad me realise that I can look good too. I mean it's easier to care for but I because of that I feel prettier and then I have this new confidence in me. One of the people I follow on Twitter told me something that I won't ever forget. 
"The confidence was always there, just sort of hidden."
That is so true! 

Anyway, I want you guys to know something. I want you to know that we can all be confident in ourselves that we can all be that really pretty it handsome person. Just as long as we believe it ourselves. 

Right, that's me done. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Feeling British

Lately, I've been feeling really British, like really really really British!!!!!!!!!!! 

The other day my friend got me into tea!!!! Yes people, I admit that I had not had tea before. *shocked gasps* You can't blame me guys, I live in a coffee happy family - how else will they keep themselves alive when they work like 59 million hours a week!!!!!!!!!! I was staying at her house because we were going to a convention the next day. I'd just beaten her at Harry Potter scene it - woop woop! - and we'd gone down stairs to prepare for Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!! She thought she had some hot chocolate, which she didn't have 😫, so she suggested I try tea! I did. It very very very very very very very milky and with millions of sugars but I actually liked it! My parents are really proud of me - not! They are actually quite ashamed. I don't know why though! Coffee is disgusting!!!!!!! No offence to any coffee lovers out there, please don't leave me because I've said this *falls on knees and begs pathetically* 

Any way, because of me liking tea lately I have been feeling really really really British!!!!!! 

And that's what this is about. Feeling British!!!!!!!!! 

All we are good at as English/British, is queuing and making really good tea. Which is soooooo true!!!!!!! I know it's a quote from Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy but it's sooooo true!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in Italy I was queuing for something - can't even remember what now, it was at the airport I think .... yeah it was ..... I think .... oh it was for getting the suitcases onto the plane!!!!!! Well anyway, we were queuing and there were these people around us and they were pushing forward when there were like 15 people who were in front of us, and no offence to people who are like this but it really does annoy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Who's British here?????? You know what I mean don't you!!!!!!! 

Right, any way that's me done I think. So yeah, bye. 


The friend zone!!!!

We've all been there!!!!!!!!!!! We've been completely in love with someone who doesn't really know we exist or does but is completely oblivious to it all!!!!!!! Ugh! Why does this happen!!!!

Today in English I was discussing this. Yes I was instead of doing work! Well I did the work so you can't judge me. We had cover and we had no teach so I did the work really really quickly and then we sat their talking for an hour and a half. Anyway, gone off topic again! Sorry 😥 anyway my friend has been in love with this guy for like 2 and a half years and he likes her too which is amazing! But she's scared they'll ruin their friendship because they are best friends; which is fair enough. 

But then she has to bring me into the conversation, doesn't she! Ugh! Thank you. So I told my story to them. And since I told them my story, I shall tell it to you all now! (Don't judge me!!!!!) 

For the past 6 years I've been in love with this guy. Yes you read that right, 6 years!!!!!!!!! Ugh! My life! Literally I was sat down and he turned to me and said something - can't even remember what it was - and I fell completely in love. I think it was to do with my bag. I had some badges on there. You know how girls who have just come up from primary school will have Barbie things on their bags, nope not this girl. I had Star Wars badges! And he said something about them and I fell completely in love!!!! I'm such an idiot!!!!!! 

Well because I am a fool, I told my best friend who I had known for a few years and was super super super close to her. I think we all know what is going to happen right. Well she was going on a school trip with him to France whilst I was going to Germany on another trip, and she swore that she would tell him that I liked him - to convince him round to me. I thought that she was being lovely and then they got back. And my world crumbled!!!!!! 

I got a text from another friend with a photo of my (ex) best friend and the guy I like under the Eiffel Tower. Her arms were wrapped round his waist and his was round her shoulder. Her head was on his shoulder and they were smiling. A text was attached to the photo, and although I can't remember the exact words , it said something like this ....

"Sorry. Think you should have a better choice in friends. She asked him out under the tower!" 
Betrayal. Utter betrayal. That's how I felt! This girl was supposed to be my best friend and yet she would so easily betray me! That, my dears, is one of the many reasons I don't like females! 

This was at 3 years ago! 

Since then, they were together. They went to prom together and everything! Since then, she has gone down a really really bad path. She gets drunk a lot and is the biggest bitch on the language - excuse my French - and she's gotten in to modelling and she looks about 40. She's only 16!!! 

Well for a while they've been arguing, they were barely talking! And he said to me in drama one day, he was always in my group *sigh*, that he wanted to break up with her because he wasn't happy. I told him to do what his heart wanted - whilst internally screaming with joy - and he thanked me for help and we got back on with our work. And then that was that for a time. They went to prom together, and he looked so handsome whilst she looked quite old really - no I am not being jealous, I swear!!!!!! But less than a week later, he broke up with her because she was being a real bitch - once again, excuse my French. Best day of my life. But we both moved schools so I haven't been able to confess my undying love for him - that sounded really soppy!!!!!! 

Oh yeah, he also knows how I feel too! Because she being a brat decided to tell him that I liked him!!! Ugh! I really do hate this girl, can't believe we were best friends for so long!!!!! He apologised!!!! He said he was so sorry and that he hoped we could still be friends. I thought that was really sweet!!! 

On that day, the day when he told me that he wanted to break up with her. He asked me if I still liked him, in front of the few other people in our grouped. And I admitted that I did *embarrassed* and then he went straight back to work!!!! 

Anyway, in English the other day we were talking about all this and they have convinced me to talk to him again. He's a huge fanboy too so I'm talking to him about Walking Dead that restarts on Sunday!!!! AHHH!!!!!! 

So I think I might actually get out of the horrors of being in the friend zone. Praise the Lord!!!! 

Anyone else been in love with the same person for infinite years????? Just me?? Okay 😔


Monday, 6 October 2014

Being late

Today started off really well .... not!!!!! I woke up late. And by late I don't mean 10 minutes late, I mean 2 hours and 10 minutes late! All I literally had time to do was get up, throw my clothes on, chuck my hair up in a pony tail and run out the door. And I couldn't find my lanyard and train pass. At my school, if you don't have your lanyard you can't get into the school. It's a school in the middle of the city so they kick you out! Oh, and I couldn't find my glasses either!!!!!!! So I spent most of my time doing that! It was blooming typical.

Oh and I missed my train! But my mate is completely amazing. She get's on at a different station and saves a seat for me everyday. But today she got off the train and waited for me. How amazing is she!!!!!!! God I love her! She waited for me and we got the train that didn't reach New Street on time so we had to sprint to school. She risked being late for me! God she's awesome!

But do you know what's typical. Why is it that when you're running late everything seems to go wrong!!! It's like the world is desperately trying to stop you from doing anything!

And it was raining too!!! What is up with that! When I say raining I mean like chucking it down, raining cats and dogs, the sky has literally pulled apart! Ugh! We ran to school, which is 15 minutes away from the station, and we got soaking wet! I'm still cold now and I think I have a cold coming on because of it which is blooming brilliant! My jacket was soaked practically all day!!! It was so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

How often does this happen though, the one time you're late, everything seems to happen that will attempt to destroy the world. It's so annoying! I hate being late, I really do! It stresses me out so much and I find it really hard to calm myself down. Good thing I have good friends by my side who help me out; even though I have known them for like under 2 weeks! Friendship grows so quickly.

Has this happened to you? Please tell me that I'm not the only who's had this happen!!!!!!


Sunday, 5 October 2014


I really do think that my favorite season of the year is autumn. Who wouldn't love it.

Winter is alright and all but it is too cold for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I love to look out of my window and stare at the untouched snow in the garden or crunch on the freshly sown snow. But I hate being cold all the time.

Summer is spectacular. It's when we get the most time off and the skies are so blue. But I'm British and I'm used to summers of rain, with skies full of clouds and puddles on the floor at all times. Which are fun to jump into with my wellies on. But when we do get a nice summer, it's so hot and I can't get comfortable. It's really not right that's socially unacceptable to walk around in a swimming costume at all times, unless you have the body of a super model. People I want to be cool, not practical. The heat and this ginger really don't get on.

Spring is nice, I suppose with all the baby animals running about and the new flowers springing up here and there. But it's still too cold. And then there's the late snow drifts that fall on us at random moments; yes we get some time off school but really, is it worth the effort?

But Autumn is so beautiful. It's not so cold that I'm constantly complaining, but it's cold enough for me to bring out my Doc Martin's and my jumpers. Heat still lingers from the summer months, yet it is acceptable for us to drink hot chocolates in our little travel mugs or buy a starbucks on the way to school. Yes the nights begin to draw in and the first of Jack Frost's spindly fingers begins to creak across the land, but the leaves turn such beautiful colours. Different reds, golds and oranges. In time these fall to the floor, seeming to glide on the air as they do, landing at my feet. And it's still acceptable for me to jump among the piles, to kicking the colours up so that they fly around me; covering me in rainbow like showers. I'm allowed to curl up by the wind, hot chocolate or a mug of tea beside me, dressed in a onesie with a blanket wrapped around my waist and a new book in hand. The nights turn dark by six or seven but it's the season of ghost and demons; the faint witch's cackle playing on the wind somewhere in the distance. Favourite childhood films come on again on the tv, filling you with this warm glow that only the tiny threads of your child hood can do to you. The occassional rainy weekend day means that we can do nothing except curling up and listening to the gentle hammering of water that pounds lightly against my windows.
The heating clicks on in the night, warming my room so that the blankets aren't curl around me so tightly, and our summer shorts and skirts hide away. For girls the joyful knowledge that our legs can be hidden till spring comes to mind, as we skip our weekly leg shave, and enjoy the final few minutes under the blissful heat of the water.
Comfort food is back in season, long gone as the cold salads and barbecues of the summer. Heat is needed and what better why to give us that than burgers, chips and long awaited roast dinners.
Figure hiding clothes, jumpers, leggings, scarfs, are brought out from the back of the wardrobe and dusted with their mothballs.
Scented candles of cinnamon and sweet spice waft through the rooms, reminding us that soon Christmas will be on it's way. That soon the chill of winter will hit. But not so soon that the panic of shopping and present fills our heads.
In the back of our minds, winter lingers. It reminds us that soon it will be on it's way. Ending our year with its cold chill. But not quite yet. Allow the final heat of the year to fill us before we forget it completely for the next few months. Enjoy the glamour whilst it lasts. For soon the rainbows of orange, red and gold will fade, replaced by only green and white. Soon the snows will settle and fires will light our hearths. But not so soon.

Most forget the glorious season we are in. Thinking only momentarily about it's beauty as they beckon winter on with it's Christmas and New Years Day. Remember Autumn, dear ones. For soon it will be gone. Remember it well and witness for the season has just begun!



Hi Guys,

I'm IAMAGEEKINGGINGER, although I also use the name Alisha in my normal life, and this is my blog - duh, of course it's your blog Alisha, why else would you be reading this?
This is basically just a welcome post to say .... well ... welcome! So


Sorry. That was a bit random. Wasn't it. Well, that's me! I am extremely random!!!! Which I am sure you will all eventually learn about me. :)

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. I thought I would do a little introduction to you all about myself and what this whole blog thing of mine will eventually be about. To start, I will do a 24 facts about me thing, as I have seen some completely amazing youtubers do on their channels so what's better than that to get to know me :)

1. My name's Alisha - as I mentioned earlier
2. I am 16 years old - at this present time anyway
3. I am British
4. I am a girl
5. I live near the 2nd largest city in the UK - something that I didn't actually realise until, like, two or three years ago which is completely stupid
6. And I live in the ancient capital of England known as Mercia.
7. I was born in Milton Keynes, which is really near to London.
8. I'm currently in year 12 studying Musical Theatre, English Literature and Geography.
9. I want to be part of the theatre world when I grow up, I want to be in musicals and plays and perform every night. I want to have hundreds and hundreds of musical and play scripts in my head so that I can just randomly quote them at certain points to the people around me.
10. I am a completely obsessed fangirl. I freak out over random things at different parts of the day. Some of my major fandoms are:
Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit,
Doctor Who,
Walking Dead,
11. I am so excited for the next season of Walking Dead!!!!!!!! Ahh!!! If they kill off my babies I shall go on a killing spree.
12. I am actually quite shy and I find it really hard to make friends, probably because I have been dropped so many times. So if I ever do meet any of you at any point in real life, I'm terribly sorry about how shy I will be.
13. I love to read, I tend to read at least 2 books a week. But I'm currently reading Clash of Kings and I've been reading it for over two weeks and I'm only like half way through!!!! Ugh! It is a 900 + paged book but still!!!!
14. If I can't be a performer on the stage, I don't make it like Tim Minchin - which is completely mad because he is a ruddy amazing singer - then I want to write since writing is another of my passions. I'm really not making life easy for myself am I?
15. Currently I only really write fanfiction, which I love, but I want to start writing some original works too - one I'm in the middle of writing at the minute. You can find me on wattpad if you want. I'm PotterheadElleth.
16. On the 28th of September (last sunday) I met Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley from Harry Potter - Colin Baker - 6th Doctor - James Cosmo - Mormont from GoT and Father Christmas from Narnia - Paul Blake - Greedo from Star Wars - and Terry Molloy - Davros from Doctor Who - at Stoke Con Trent.
17. My all time idol ever is Lea Salonga who originated Kim in Miss Saigon as well as being the singing voices for Jasmine and Mulan - the Disney Princesses.
18. Miss Saigon is one of my favorite musicals of all times!!!!!!!! And not just because Lea was in it either. It makes me cry so much! It is so good! I saw it live for my birthday this year - it's reviving in london at the minute - and I literally spent the whole of the show balling my eyes out!!!!!!
19. Narcus is my OTP from real life and Caskett is my tv OTP!!!!!
20. I am ginger - if you hadn't had guessed from my name.
21. I am in love with many celebs. The main ones are Tom Hiddleston, Orlando Bloom and Aidan Turner.
22. I've had over 100 pets
23. I really want to learn Sindarin - the language of the Elves of Middle Earth. I know a little bit but not a lot.
24. I really want to become a vlogger, I have a youtube channel and everything but I don't know how to edit anything so I can't really do it!

And that's my 24 facts about me!!!!!

I'm going to use this to talk about loads of things really. Things that I'm passionate about. Things that happen in my life. If I finish reading a really really good book I might do a review on here, or if I love a film/tv show. Or it might just be a random thought that comes to my head. An extract from something I'm writing. Or maybe a bit of poetry I might have tried to write. I'm not really sure to be honest. But hey ho, that is what this is going to be about.

I hope you like it :)

Love you all