Monday, 6 October 2014

Being late

Today started off really well .... not!!!!! I woke up late. And by late I don't mean 10 minutes late, I mean 2 hours and 10 minutes late! All I literally had time to do was get up, throw my clothes on, chuck my hair up in a pony tail and run out the door. And I couldn't find my lanyard and train pass. At my school, if you don't have your lanyard you can't get into the school. It's a school in the middle of the city so they kick you out! Oh, and I couldn't find my glasses either!!!!!!! So I spent most of my time doing that! It was blooming typical.

Oh and I missed my train! But my mate is completely amazing. She get's on at a different station and saves a seat for me everyday. But today she got off the train and waited for me. How amazing is she!!!!!!! God I love her! She waited for me and we got the train that didn't reach New Street on time so we had to sprint to school. She risked being late for me! God she's awesome!

But do you know what's typical. Why is it that when you're running late everything seems to go wrong!!! It's like the world is desperately trying to stop you from doing anything!

And it was raining too!!! What is up with that! When I say raining I mean like chucking it down, raining cats and dogs, the sky has literally pulled apart! Ugh! We ran to school, which is 15 minutes away from the station, and we got soaking wet! I'm still cold now and I think I have a cold coming on because of it which is blooming brilliant! My jacket was soaked practically all day!!! It was so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

How often does this happen though, the one time you're late, everything seems to happen that will attempt to destroy the world. It's so annoying! I hate being late, I really do! It stresses me out so much and I find it really hard to calm myself down. Good thing I have good friends by my side who help me out; even though I have known them for like under 2 weeks! Friendship grows so quickly.

Has this happened to you? Please tell me that I'm not the only who's had this happen!!!!!!