Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hi Guys,

I'm IAMAGEEKINGGINGER, although I also use the name Alisha in my normal life, and this is my blog - duh, of course it's your blog Alisha, why else would you be reading this?
This is basically just a welcome post to say .... well ... welcome! So


Sorry. That was a bit random. Wasn't it. Well, that's me! I am extremely random!!!! Which I am sure you will all eventually learn about me. :)

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. I thought I would do a little introduction to you all about myself and what this whole blog thing of mine will eventually be about. To start, I will do a 24 facts about me thing, as I have seen some completely amazing youtubers do on their channels so what's better than that to get to know me :)

1. My name's Alisha - as I mentioned earlier
2. I am 16 years old - at this present time anyway
3. I am British
4. I am a girl
5. I live near the 2nd largest city in the UK - something that I didn't actually realise until, like, two or three years ago which is completely stupid
6. And I live in the ancient capital of England known as Mercia.
7. I was born in Milton Keynes, which is really near to London.
8. I'm currently in year 12 studying Musical Theatre, English Literature and Geography.
9. I want to be part of the theatre world when I grow up, I want to be in musicals and plays and perform every night. I want to have hundreds and hundreds of musical and play scripts in my head so that I can just randomly quote them at certain points to the people around me.
10. I am a completely obsessed fangirl. I freak out over random things at different parts of the day. Some of my major fandoms are:
Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit,
Doctor Who,
Walking Dead,
11. I am so excited for the next season of Walking Dead!!!!!!!! Ahh!!! If they kill off my babies I shall go on a killing spree.
12. I am actually quite shy and I find it really hard to make friends, probably because I have been dropped so many times. So if I ever do meet any of you at any point in real life, I'm terribly sorry about how shy I will be.
13. I love to read, I tend to read at least 2 books a week. But I'm currently reading Clash of Kings and I've been reading it for over two weeks and I'm only like half way through!!!! Ugh! It is a 900 + paged book but still!!!!
14. If I can't be a performer on the stage, I don't make it like Tim Minchin - which is completely mad because he is a ruddy amazing singer - then I want to write since writing is another of my passions. I'm really not making life easy for myself am I?
15. Currently I only really write fanfiction, which I love, but I want to start writing some original works too - one I'm in the middle of writing at the minute. You can find me on wattpad if you want. I'm PotterheadElleth.
16. On the 28th of September (last sunday) I met Chris Rankin - Percy Weasley from Harry Potter - Colin Baker - 6th Doctor - James Cosmo - Mormont from GoT and Father Christmas from Narnia - Paul Blake - Greedo from Star Wars - and Terry Molloy - Davros from Doctor Who - at Stoke Con Trent.
17. My all time idol ever is Lea Salonga who originated Kim in Miss Saigon as well as being the singing voices for Jasmine and Mulan - the Disney Princesses.
18. Miss Saigon is one of my favorite musicals of all times!!!!!!!! And not just because Lea was in it either. It makes me cry so much! It is so good! I saw it live for my birthday this year - it's reviving in london at the minute - and I literally spent the whole of the show balling my eyes out!!!!!!
19. Narcus is my OTP from real life and Caskett is my tv OTP!!!!!
20. I am ginger - if you hadn't had guessed from my name.
21. I am in love with many celebs. The main ones are Tom Hiddleston, Orlando Bloom and Aidan Turner.
22. I've had over 100 pets
23. I really want to learn Sindarin - the language of the Elves of Middle Earth. I know a little bit but not a lot.
24. I really want to become a vlogger, I have a youtube channel and everything but I don't know how to edit anything so I can't really do it!

And that's my 24 facts about me!!!!!

I'm going to use this to talk about loads of things really. Things that I'm passionate about. Things that happen in my life. If I finish reading a really really good book I might do a review on here, or if I love a film/tv show. Or it might just be a random thought that comes to my head. An extract from something I'm writing. Or maybe a bit of poetry I might have tried to write. I'm not really sure to be honest. But hey ho, that is what this is going to be about.

I hope you like it :)

Love you all