Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Being Ginger

It's strange living in the UK and being ginger, because we're the only country that dislikes the colour; or seems to anyway. I've been ginger all my life - duh - I haven't ever dyed my hair, I'm not allowed to dye my hair - though I don't want to - but because of my hair colour I've been bullied. Well that and all my other flaws.

That what I don't get, the UK is the one country in the whole world where people who are ginger are shunned. And it makes no sense. Okay, this is probably going to be quite deep for me; you can skip this if you want. You don't have to because I am about to have a huge rant!

The other day I was walking round town and someone shouted at me, this person shouted, "Go back to Ireland" and then chucked an empty bottle at me (thankfully this bottle was plastic and they had a lousy throw so it didn't come anywhere near me). This isn't the first time that this has happened, I've been told to get back to Scotland too. And the annoying thing is that I am not Irish or Scottish. I'M FROM MILTON KEYNES! And as far as I know I haven't got any direct Scottish or Irish relatives/ancestors!!!!!!!

Now, I've learnt to ignore this. But what really annoys me is that a police officer was walking on the other side of the street and he didn't do anything about it. He just ignored us!

So basically he was ignoring a piece of discrimination! That's what it is, this bullying towards ginger people is basically discrimination!!!!! People say that racism and sexism is moving on and that people in the younger generations aren't racist - which is completely true - but more people are homophobic or gingerist.

Why can't people be understanding that we are all unique and that it doesn't matter. Some days I despise being ginger and I want to go and grab the closest batch of hair dye and just get rid of it all; all because of the way that people treat me. And I know that it's not just my hair, it's the fact that I have awful acne, have to wear glasses, have a lisp, and I have a load of puppy fat. But people do mainly concentrate on my hair and that really pisses me - excuse my french.

But that isn't the worst thing about being a ginger, the worst thing is that these people who feel the need to destroy my life because of my hair colour, the people who make fun of it and me every single day suddenly come to school or work or where ever it is with hair that is dyed ginger the next day - or an attempt to be ginger at least. You know the bright red stuff that doesn't suite many people. No offence if any of you have done this but it really does annoy me. I mean you have basically ruined my life for weeks, months, years and then suddenly you contradict everything you're ever said by dying your hair so that - and I quote - 'you look like a fucking retarded carrot'. Once again excuse the french.

People, I have a message for you ..............

GROW UP!!!!!

This is probably how people felt when we treated black people as second class citizens, or woman and if it was a race then people would say that they were being racist or if it was some homosexual people they would be called homophobic. So why don't people complain about gingers being discriminated?????

I doubt it will happen but I would love if we could get a hashtag to trend this on twitter. I have no clue what it would be so ideas people, but if that hashtag could trend then I know that a lot of other gingers would feel ... well ... equal.

So ... yeah ... that's the end of my rant. Therefore that's me done.