Sunday, 5 October 2014


I really do think that my favorite season of the year is autumn. Who wouldn't love it.

Winter is alright and all but it is too cold for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I love to look out of my window and stare at the untouched snow in the garden or crunch on the freshly sown snow. But I hate being cold all the time.

Summer is spectacular. It's when we get the most time off and the skies are so blue. But I'm British and I'm used to summers of rain, with skies full of clouds and puddles on the floor at all times. Which are fun to jump into with my wellies on. But when we do get a nice summer, it's so hot and I can't get comfortable. It's really not right that's socially unacceptable to walk around in a swimming costume at all times, unless you have the body of a super model. People I want to be cool, not practical. The heat and this ginger really don't get on.

Spring is nice, I suppose with all the baby animals running about and the new flowers springing up here and there. But it's still too cold. And then there's the late snow drifts that fall on us at random moments; yes we get some time off school but really, is it worth the effort?

But Autumn is so beautiful. It's not so cold that I'm constantly complaining, but it's cold enough for me to bring out my Doc Martin's and my jumpers. Heat still lingers from the summer months, yet it is acceptable for us to drink hot chocolates in our little travel mugs or buy a starbucks on the way to school. Yes the nights begin to draw in and the first of Jack Frost's spindly fingers begins to creak across the land, but the leaves turn such beautiful colours. Different reds, golds and oranges. In time these fall to the floor, seeming to glide on the air as they do, landing at my feet. And it's still acceptable for me to jump among the piles, to kicking the colours up so that they fly around me; covering me in rainbow like showers. I'm allowed to curl up by the wind, hot chocolate or a mug of tea beside me, dressed in a onesie with a blanket wrapped around my waist and a new book in hand. The nights turn dark by six or seven but it's the season of ghost and demons; the faint witch's cackle playing on the wind somewhere in the distance. Favourite childhood films come on again on the tv, filling you with this warm glow that only the tiny threads of your child hood can do to you. The occassional rainy weekend day means that we can do nothing except curling up and listening to the gentle hammering of water that pounds lightly against my windows.
The heating clicks on in the night, warming my room so that the blankets aren't curl around me so tightly, and our summer shorts and skirts hide away. For girls the joyful knowledge that our legs can be hidden till spring comes to mind, as we skip our weekly leg shave, and enjoy the final few minutes under the blissful heat of the water.
Comfort food is back in season, long gone as the cold salads and barbecues of the summer. Heat is needed and what better why to give us that than burgers, chips and long awaited roast dinners.
Figure hiding clothes, jumpers, leggings, scarfs, are brought out from the back of the wardrobe and dusted with their mothballs.
Scented candles of cinnamon and sweet spice waft through the rooms, reminding us that soon Christmas will be on it's way. That soon the chill of winter will hit. But not so soon that the panic of shopping and present fills our heads.
In the back of our minds, winter lingers. It reminds us that soon it will be on it's way. Ending our year with its cold chill. But not quite yet. Allow the final heat of the year to fill us before we forget it completely for the next few months. Enjoy the glamour whilst it lasts. For soon the rainbows of orange, red and gold will fade, replaced by only green and white. Soon the snows will settle and fires will light our hearths. But not so soon.

Most forget the glorious season we are in. Thinking only momentarily about it's beauty as they beckon winter on with it's Christmas and New Years Day. Remember Autumn, dear ones. For soon it will be gone. Remember it well and witness for the season has just begun!