Monday, 20 October 2014


Confidence is a strange thing. I've discovered that recently. Last Thursday I had my hair cut and I did something rash. I had my hair cut a lot shorter than normal. I mean really short. Like a long bob short! And something strange happened to be because of that. I feel really confident. Like confident as in the confidence I feel when I'm on stage, like I'm someone else. It was odd. I've never really had the most confidence. I wear glasses, I have awful acne, I'm not skinny at all and I have a lispe. I've been bullied a lot in the past and because of that of I lost most of my confidence. 
But when I had my hair cut, this wave of confidence just sort of attacked me!!! It'd probably because I use ... used ... it as a curtain to hide behind when I wasn't feeling confident at all. But with that gone I have to be more out there. And I really am. 

I think it's mad me realise that I can look good too. I mean it's easier to care for but I because of that I feel prettier and then I have this new confidence in me. One of the people I follow on Twitter told me something that I won't ever forget. 
"The confidence was always there, just sort of hidden."
That is so true! 

Anyway, I want you guys to know something. I want you to know that we can all be confident in ourselves that we can all be that really pretty it handsome person. Just as long as we believe it ourselves. 

Right, that's me done.