Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I love the rain. I know that sounds really strange, but I love the rain so much. I always have. I think it's to do with the concept of it all. Rain heals the earth, and I think that's beautiful. The way the world feels after it rains, the freshness of it all. I love that. I love the crisp air and the damp earth and ... well the fresh smell that just follows you everywhere. I love that. It really makes me feel like I could be a new person. That I simply was away all my bad qualities and become some one that I really want to be. That's sounds a bit weird, doesn't it.

The main thing that I like the most about rain is what it allows me to do. On days like today, when there have been like a million cloud bursts and it has been pouring it down with rain and I can't actually go outside, I love being able to curl up somewhere when the rain can pelt one of my windows and I can just curl up with a blanket and a mug of tea with my book and just read for hours on end. It's a really good way for me to waste time.

I wish I had a gigantic bay window so that I could sit in it on days like today and look out at the view occasionally whilst I can read for ever. Can't you just picture that though. A steaming mug of tea fogging up the window with a blanket and a few pillows piled up on the bench. The light would be just right and there would be a breath taking view. It might be off of London, or some other city, and I could watch the cars, buses and bikes stream past. Or it might be in the countryside and I could do a bit of nature watching through out the day. It would be wonderful.

Think that will be the one thing that I look for when I move into a home of my own. A place with a bay window (or a window that I could use in the same way as above). Obviously it has got to have a wall that can be completely dedicated for my books, but I really need it to include a bay window.

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Review | The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes


What You Need To Know:

Title: The Drowning of Arthur Braxton
Author: Caroline Smailes
Number of Pages: 371
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy 
Publisher: The Friday Project
Published: 11 April, 2013

The Plot:

The Oracle is an old Victorian Bathhouse that is said to have water that can heal those who swim in it. There are various narratives who talk about the tales that have unfolded in this bathhouse. The first being a young girl called Laurel who was a receptionist who worked for the 'water-healers' in the 1990s.

Several years later, Arthur Braxton breaks in to the bathhouse in order to escape some of the guys from his school. In the now derelict Oracle, Arthur meets a beautiful girl who is swimming in one of the pools, completely naked. Delphina transforms his life and when the Oracle is threatened, Arthur is finally able to understand his true purpose in life: save the building and ensure that Delphina is happy.

It's not an easy ordeal to undertake and as he tries to save the Oracle, he begins to understand what is actually going on in the Oracle and who Delphina actually is.

My Thoughts On The Book:

I absolutely loved this book. Apparently it has been given the title of 'Urban Fairytale' and I can't think of anything better to call it. The style of the book, with its various narratives and the way that it is speaks so much about young love or true love or what ever you want to call it, whilst still mentioning modern issues like bullying; it is bloody amazing!

There were various narratives through out the book, and the few near the end of the book made me feel like they were actually talking to me. I truly believe that it was story telling at its finest. Each of there were two main narratives, Arthur and Delphina, and both of them were completely different. Arthur's was like his thought process whilst Delphina's was literally a manuscript for a play. Usually I wouldn't like this, but it really did seem to work for this book! And if I think that it'll work, then it definitely did work ... because in my mind only my opinion matters; obviously.

The one negative comment that I have to say about this book is that it did take me a while to get in to. The book starts with a segment of foreshadowing and this did put me off the book for a moment. But after about ten pages, I started to get into and by the time that we were in Arthur's narrative ... well, I was completely in love with the bloody thing. I'm really glad that I stuck with this book though, and didn't give up at the first hurdle. If you are one of those people, then just me keep going. It's one of the main reasons that I fell in love with it!


This is my publicly visible review of a book and so people might think that I am being generous. But I truly believe that this book is worth this!

Five out of five!

Do note that I want to create a reviewing system with symbols and stuff so that all this looks fancy and maybe I'll create a system too. Who knows.

That's it, my first review on here. No going back now! What do you think? Please tell me. Who's read this book? Who wants to read it? Please let me know. Also, any ideas on how I could improve these reviews? I know that a girl has to start somewhere, but it would mean a lot if I could get a bit of help!

I guess I lied when I said  that I wouldn't be uploading anything else in March ... oops. There might be another one, but if not ... GOODBYE MARCH!

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Being an Introvert

Introvert definition –
A shy, reticent person
A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings than with external things.

I am an introvert. I have been for a very long time and up until recently I haven’t actually known what to call myself. People have always told me that I am simply shy, and that as I get older I will grow out of it. But I’m not just shy. I hate talking to people. Not all people, just people I’ve not known for very long. When I started at my new school, I sat on my own for the first three weeks because I was too terrified to actually speak to anyone. It wasn’t a nice feeling. I spent these weeks eating alone and lying to my parents to say that I had made some friends and that they were really nice. Yeah … that’s probably also due to the fact that I likely also suffer from social anxiety too … so … yay!

But being an introvert, for me anyway, is strange because I do prefer to be mostly inward with the things that I do. I prefer to sit down and write or read, rather than going to a house party and getting “hammered”. I don’t even like alcohol so what’d be the point anyhow! I prefer sitting alone and allowing my thoughts to take over and imagine far off places, to sitting in a group of people I don’t really want to be friends with.

Yet, I have selected the one career that truly puts me out there; that shows off my life to the world and I love it! What does that make me? I hate doing a lot of things, talking to people I don’t know or answering the phone. These things terrify me and I find myself hyperventilating at times. However, I adore stepping onto the stage and becoming a character; something different.

Bet that sounds strange to people who don’t know me, but I really am like that. If I don’t spend put on an act and become a different person then I probably would have a serious anxiety attack when on stage and I’d like crawl of stage and then cry for millions of years! I’m not over exaggerating, I’d probably do that but I am not going to actually attempt it next time I perform because … well I’d look a bit stupid, wouldn’t I!

Maybe then, I could battle this whole being an introvert thing by becoming a character. That sounds odd, doesn’t it! Let me explain. If I wanted to battle the introvertiness inside me so that I can be confident with strangers and stuff, then I could create a character that is me but more confident and outgoing and sociable. I would use this character so much that hopefully some of the traits could pour into my own society and then I would be more confident and outgoing and sociable and stuff!

That might not work though, I do have social anxiety! Who knows, if it did then I would be very happy. If it did not, then there are other options that I could probably take … may be … may be not … Who knows; I’m awkward like that.

Anyway, that is what it is like for me to be an introvert.  Went a little bit off topic but that is what I do.
 This is probably going to be the last blog of March, so goodbye March. Hello to April. Happy Easter!


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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Traveler's Tales | 1

This is something that I've really wanted to start, since I spend most of my time on public transport as I have to travel on train to and from school. Finally I have had an amusing experience on the train and I think it is something that you will all find amusing.

Today is a Thursday. It is Thursday the 19th March, 2015 ... thought I'd let you all know that. Most Thursdays I get to come home an hour early because one of my teacher's is on maternity leave so my other teacher has to cover all her G.C,S,E classes. So most weeks we get to come home early; I'm not complaining, I love getting to come home an hour early!

Today, the train station was fairly busy. Usually I get a seat, sometimes even a table to myself, on the train. But not a chance today. Since I am a train expert, I know exactly where the doors will open ... yes I am that sad. So I was easily one of the first people on the train. This meant that I got a seat easily.

However on my train were two girls from my old school. They were originally quite nice but as they got popular ... well, they became complete bitches. They were glaring at me a lot as I walked past. I nodded instead, smiled at them too. Even though they had both been horrid to me.

Anyway, when I got on the train, the seats filled up quickly. So these girls ended up standing right next to me. I was in the aisle seat. There was an awkward silence for a while, as I tried to read my book. But they kept clearly their throats really strangely and it was rather distracting. So in the end, I put my book down and started a conversation.

It was pleasant at first. I asked how they were and stuff. Then asked the nicer of the two what she was doing. Apparently she is still at my old school. I then turned to the other girl and asked her the same question. Her answer was hilarious.

"Me? Oh I'm studying at that Performing Arts School here in Birmingham that I auditioned for last year. Birmingham Ormiston Academy. You might have heard of it? It's the sister school to the Brit School in London."

Imagine that being said in a really pompous voice of a popular girl who thinks that she is so much better than everyone else.

For those of you who don't know, I go to BOA and she auditioned at the same time as me and didn't get in. Though of course this two faced bitch would not realise that I actually did get in because I could obviously never reach such a high standard as her. Notice the sarcasm in my words at this. This is a girl who thinks that she is the greatest things since sliced bread, yet it is a girl who has no sense of rhythm, has the same amount of acting skill as a rock and is completely tone deaf. Can you see my amusement in her words.

So I played it dumb at this point. I smiled at her and said.
"That's amazing. I bet your loving it. What pathway are you on?"

She was really really smug at this point, and pushed out her extremely low cut top that left nothing to the imagination *cough cough slut! cough cough*

"I'm on Musical Theatre! It is the best thing ever!" (that's my pathway.)

The ticket guy was coming down from the opposite end of the carriage and my rail pass was conveniently in my school jumper so I had to take off my big coat. My jumper has the letter BOA written in big red letters on my chest so I took my coat off and the bright red writing was facing her.

Her face was priceless! She went crimson. I mean crimson. She was redder than my hair is! She started to stutter and then scurried away. I have never felt so good in my entire life. The other girl was staring wide eyed and didn't really know what to say. She just muttered a short "bye" and then scurried off as I silently died in my seat; tears were literally streaming down my cheeks.

I've got to say that that was probably the single most fantastic experience that I have ever had in my life! I loved the sense of satisfaction. It was rather amusing. I do wish though, that I had a picture of her face though. The image was priceless!

So yeah ... that's me done. Hopefully this series will progress over time but until then who knows. Anyone else ever had something like this happen to them? If so then let me know.

Until next time!


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Sunday, 15 March 2015

My reading routine

I don’t get a lot of chances to spend hours and hours reading now; oh the joys of doing a-levels!!!!! But when I do have no remaining work and I actually do have some free time, I do love to curl up and read.

My routine is not as complicated as most people make it out to be. I don’t do loads of stuff beforehand; I just do the things that make me happy, things that make me relax and enjoy my reading.

The first thing I do is pick my book. I have a lot of books; no idea how many there actually are but I have a lot of them. I probably should count them at some point. If I’m not already reading a book then I have to spend a lot of time debating internally about what I should read. It might be in the mood for something sci-fi or something romantic …. who knows what mood I’m in but it will likely take me a very very long time to decide what I want to read.

Next I have to decide where I want to read. In my room, in the lounge, in the garden – but only if the weather is nice, maybe in the conservatory when in it raining. It’s a hard decision but I usually end up reading in my room.

After that I have to make sure I’m wearing something comfy. If it’s boiling, then shorts and a strappy top. If it’s cold, then a baggy jumper and leggings. In the morning, a baggy top and pyjama bottoms. At night, a vest top and pyjama bottoms. Who knows what I’ll put on, but it has to be comfy.

Drink time! Recently I love to have a nice cup of tea with me when I read; it helps me rewind and I feel really British too. But sometimes it might just be some water or some juice. I need something there in case I suddenly choke on air … I’m serious … that has happened before.

Once my drink is ready, and I have quickly avoided the serious temptation that the devious biscuits and sweets have on me, I will make my reading space comfortable. If I’m in my room then I will put some music on. I have Spotify so I will find a ‘chill’ or ‘indie/alternative’ or ‘focus’ playlist and either loudly blast them out to the whole house, or have my headphones in and allow my subconscious to take over with my book and music on. Then I draw my curtains and put on my lamps. I can’t stand having my overhead lights on when I’m reading. It makes the room to bright and I feel like I’m in a hospital. But my little lamps have this soft texture to them that can really relax me. Pillows have to be propped up in the centre of the bed with a few cushions and teddies gathered round accordingly. Then there is one final thing, light a candle. I have several nice smelling candles in my room so having to choose between them is hard but once I get one lit and those scents waft around the room, I am finally able to relax.

Phone on silent, music on, book in hand, tea by my side, the perfect combination for a reader. All that’s left is to slide my headphones in my ear and allow words as pure as poetry to fill my mind and transport me somewhere else.

That is my reading routine. I took this from the Youtuber YA Bookworm Blogger. I know that this is supposed to be a video but who gives an actual damn! I wanted to share this with you, it was my choice so yeah … that’s why I did this.

Anyone want to share this too? I dare you! I don’t know anyone to really tag on here to do this but if you want to do this then go ahead!!!!


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Thursday, 5 March 2015

R.I.P Leonard Nemoy L.L.A.P

On the 28th February 2015, on of the greatest Geeking Actors sadly passed away. His name was Leonard Nemoy, more commonly known as Spock and his passing has to be one of the saddest things in the world for me.

When I saw the hastag #RIPLeonardNemoy on twitter, I initally thought that it was a joke. There have been a lot of similar sick jokes like that going about but it turned out that it was actually true. That was something that I truly couldn't believe. Yes the man was 83 years old but he looked fairly young. I found myself believing that he would never die, he was too great too be lost. But he did.

It turns out that he had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is a type of lung disease. I didn't even know that the man was ill; but he did reveal that he was ill publicly in February.

This is a man who was a geeky actor before it was socially acceptable, something that I have always loved and I will never be able to see Spock as anyone else.

The fact that #llap is still trending all these days later means a lot. It shows how much he was accepted by everyone and how loved he was; something that I bet is helping his family so much.

Live Long and Prosper where ever you are now, Leonard. Live Long and Prosper.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Confessions of a Geeking Ginger! | 1

So this is a segment that I've wanted to include for so long. I have a lot of opinions on various things, or things that I would like the admit and instead of doing this huge, 10,0000 plus word blog then I thought that I could split it up so that it became part of this huge, long running series. Then if there was something new that I had to admit to you all then I could do so by editing something fifty million times!!!!

The first opinion that I have, I am slightly fearful for myself since I am going to admit this to you all. It's a bit risky but I am going to tell you now. Okay ... right ... deep breath .... please don't kill me for saying this .... but .... well I don't like John Green's writing ................................................... going to go and lock the door to my room now and never come out again!

I'm sorry to say this but I really don't like his work at all. Before I am hung, drawn and quartered can I please explain it you why I don't like it? I want to justify myself before I inevitably die.

Everyone was raving about The Fault in Our Stars, so I jumped on the band wagon and bought myself it! In the middle of my GCSEs, I sat down and because I was so stressed I read it. Yes I read it in like six hours but I didn't really enjoy it. I didn't connect with the characters and to be honest the ending didn't actually affect me. I really have been ashamed to admit that. But the next things that I say will make you hate me.

I absolutely despised Paper Towns. I hated it. The idea really annoyed me and I didn't find it funny at all. And don't even get me started about Looking For Alaska, I predicted all of that. Yes the prank at the end was rather funny but that was about it. It was all a bit too, oh this happened and it was this date so this is why this happened. It was really really obvious. Maybe it's because I read a lot of murder mystery books but it was just too obvious and to be obvious the characters really really annoyed me. I really didn't think that they were realistic.

I could only read 50 pages of An Abundance of Katherine's because the plot line was so bloody annoying. I'm sorry but who actually falls in love only because of a person's name. Ugh! It just seemed really pointless to me. Maybe it will be amazing when I've read it all but just the simply concept of it seemed pointless. Come on, I can't be the only person who actually thinks this.

These are simply my own opinions, I get that most people will be pissed off at me for this but this is simply a Confession of a Geeking Ginger; me. I love John, I really really do. Him and Hank are two of my favourite youtubers but his writing is not my cup of tea at all. You must be able to understand that; right.

Once again, this is only my opinion and I can understand that people really dislike my opinion but it is my opinion only. These are confessions that I am going to regularly do. So I hope that you now understand my opinion.

What about you, what do you think? Let me know, but please remember to be nice.