Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The friend zone!!!!

We've all been there!!!!!!!!!!! We've been completely in love with someone who doesn't really know we exist or does but is completely oblivious to it all!!!!!!! Ugh! Why does this happen!!!!

Today in English I was discussing this. Yes I was instead of doing work! Well I did the work so you can't judge me. We had cover and we had no teach so I did the work really really quickly and then we sat their talking for an hour and a half. Anyway, gone off topic again! Sorry 😥 anyway my friend has been in love with this guy for like 2 and a half years and he likes her too which is amazing! But she's scared they'll ruin their friendship because they are best friends; which is fair enough. 

But then she has to bring me into the conversation, doesn't she! Ugh! Thank you. So I told my story to them. And since I told them my story, I shall tell it to you all now! (Don't judge me!!!!!) 

For the past 6 years I've been in love with this guy. Yes you read that right, 6 years!!!!!!!!! Ugh! My life! Literally I was sat down and he turned to me and said something - can't even remember what it was - and I fell completely in love. I think it was to do with my bag. I had some badges on there. You know how girls who have just come up from primary school will have Barbie things on their bags, nope not this girl. I had Star Wars badges! And he said something about them and I fell completely in love!!!! I'm such an idiot!!!!!! 

Well because I am a fool, I told my best friend who I had known for a few years and was super super super close to her. I think we all know what is going to happen right. Well she was going on a school trip with him to France whilst I was going to Germany on another trip, and she swore that she would tell him that I liked him - to convince him round to me. I thought that she was being lovely and then they got back. And my world crumbled!!!!!! 

I got a text from another friend with a photo of my (ex) best friend and the guy I like under the Eiffel Tower. Her arms were wrapped round his waist and his was round her shoulder. Her head was on his shoulder and they were smiling. A text was attached to the photo, and although I can't remember the exact words , it said something like this ....

"Sorry. Think you should have a better choice in friends. She asked him out under the tower!" 
Betrayal. Utter betrayal. That's how I felt! This girl was supposed to be my best friend and yet she would so easily betray me! That, my dears, is one of the many reasons I don't like females! 

This was at 3 years ago! 

Since then, they were together. They went to prom together and everything! Since then, she has gone down a really really bad path. She gets drunk a lot and is the biggest bitch on the language - excuse my French - and she's gotten in to modelling and she looks about 40. She's only 16!!! 

Well for a while they've been arguing, they were barely talking! And he said to me in drama one day, he was always in my group *sigh*, that he wanted to break up with her because he wasn't happy. I told him to do what his heart wanted - whilst internally screaming with joy - and he thanked me for help and we got back on with our work. And then that was that for a time. They went to prom together, and he looked so handsome whilst she looked quite old really - no I am not being jealous, I swear!!!!!! But less than a week later, he broke up with her because she was being a real bitch - once again, excuse my French. Best day of my life. But we both moved schools so I haven't been able to confess my undying love for him - that sounded really soppy!!!!!! 

Oh yeah, he also knows how I feel too! Because she being a brat decided to tell him that I liked him!!! Ugh! I really do hate this girl, can't believe we were best friends for so long!!!!! He apologised!!!! He said he was so sorry and that he hoped we could still be friends. I thought that was really sweet!!! 

On that day, the day when he told me that he wanted to break up with her. He asked me if I still liked him, in front of the few other people in our grouped. And I admitted that I did *embarrassed* and then he went straight back to work!!!! 

Anyway, in English the other day we were talking about all this and they have convinced me to talk to him again. He's a huge fanboy too so I'm talking to him about Walking Dead that restarts on Sunday!!!! AHHH!!!!!! 

So I think I might actually get out of the horrors of being in the friend zone. Praise the Lord!!!! 

Anyone else been in love with the same person for infinite years????? Just me?? Okay 😔