Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Feeling British

Lately, I've been feeling really British, like really really really British!!!!!!!!!!! 

The other day my friend got me into tea!!!! Yes people, I admit that I had not had tea before. *shocked gasps* You can't blame me guys, I live in a coffee happy family - how else will they keep themselves alive when they work like 59 million hours a week!!!!!!!!!! I was staying at her house because we were going to a convention the next day. I'd just beaten her at Harry Potter scene it - woop woop! - and we'd gone down stairs to prepare for Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!! She thought she had some hot chocolate, which she didn't have 😫, so she suggested I try tea! I did. It very very very very very very very milky and with millions of sugars but I actually liked it! My parents are really proud of me - not! They are actually quite ashamed. I don't know why though! Coffee is disgusting!!!!!!! No offence to any coffee lovers out there, please don't leave me because I've said this *falls on knees and begs pathetically* 

Any way, because of me liking tea lately I have been feeling really really really British!!!!!! 

And that's what this is about. Feeling British!!!!!!!!! 

All we are good at as English/British, is queuing and making really good tea. Which is soooooo true!!!!!!! I know it's a quote from Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy but it's sooooo true!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in Italy I was queuing for something - can't even remember what now, it was at the airport I think .... yeah it was ..... I think .... oh it was for getting the suitcases onto the plane!!!!!! Well anyway, we were queuing and there were these people around us and they were pushing forward when there were like 15 people who were in front of us, and no offence to people who are like this but it really does annoy me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Who's British here?????? You know what I mean don't you!!!!!!! 

Right, any way that's me done I think. So yeah, bye.