Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review | A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas

What You Need To Know:

Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Number of Pages: 432
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mythological, Fairy Tales, Action, Adventure, Retelling of a Fairy Tale.
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: 5th May, 2015

The Plot:

The world that Feyre lives in is a dark world that was once ruled by the High Fae and the faeries; humans were enslaved and killed for fun. Until the war. Now humanity is free to live on one half of the world whilst the faeries live on the other half. An invisible wall dividing the two; keeping the humans safe from the past.

Feyre has always feared the forest that she has to hunt in in order to feed her family; so that she can survive. This winter animals are scarce and Feyre is forced to travel deeper in forest than she has ever had to before. There she finds a deer, large enough to feed her family for weeks. However, she discovers that there is a wolf also watching her prey. So, she kills it with an ash arrow.

All seems fair and for the first time in many years, nineteen year old Feyre has extra money to spend on what she would like. But none of that can last.

The next day, the door to their cottage is destroyed and Feyre is taken away from her home into the Faerie realm. Who would have thought that some one who was once poor would live in a the house of a High Fae; would be treated so kindly even after she killed one of their own.

Days turn in weeks, weeks turn into months and something begins to happen to Feyre that she never thought possible. Tamlin; the High Fae of the Spring Court; the one who took her from her home to undertake her punishment; the one she has fallen in love with.

But there is something else in this realm of beauty that Feyre does not know and before long, the twisted evil that she has been whispered through the mortal realm will finally be realised to her. And it seems that Feyre is the only hope.

My Thoughts:

I wasn't sure about this book when I started it, I haven't read the Throne of Glass series yet so I had no idea what Sarah J. Maas' writing style was like, so I was nervous. Not to mention the fact that the first page of the book did not grip me (don't kill me for saying that). The blurb wasn't actually that intriguing either, but my friend told me to stick with it so I did.

Once I got a few more pages in it was fine, I was able to really get into it. Like once I got to the wold bit I was like, 'this is actually really really really good'. And as soon as I really got into it, I couldn't put it down!!!!!! I wasn't very well the day after I started it so that meant I was able to finish the book really really really quickly. Like I probably read it in six and a half hours! It was so good. I really felt sorry for Feyre and Tamlin. Not to mention how in  love I was with Tamlin, still am .... can I marry him please??? Screw Feyre I want the High Fae of the Spring Court!!!!!!!! He's mine Feyre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologise, I get a bit protective over the fictional men/faeries/any fictional hottie that exists. Oh, and I absolutely hated 'Her'. I'm not going to tell you who her is because that would be a major spoiler but I hate her for so many things .... you will shortly find out what I mean!!!!!

Can I mention the cover too. I have to say that I was a little but confused at what it was going on about. But as the book progressed it started to make sense and I did have a real OMG moment! It wasn't until I was like three quarters of my way through the book but it did make sense. Also it is such a beautiful cover! The dark red background and the girl (Feyre) over the top. It really was such a pretty cover. I have to admit that beautiful covers are my weakness, even if the plot doesn't sound to great as long as the cover is pretty then I will likely buy the book.

There is one final thing that I want to mention, I think, though I'm not one hundred percent sure, this book is based on Beauty and the Beast. A young girl forced to live with another, one who disguised himself as a hideous beast when they first met. It turns out that he has a curse upon him and the two begin to develop feelings for each other ...... see what I'm getting out, it's Beauty and the Beast.  


Although I didn't think I would, I absolutely loved this book. I hope she is doing a sequel, I think it is going to be a part of a new trilogy but I'm not sure. Sarah J. Maas, please please please make a sequel for me!

And that's why I have to give this book **** (I want to give it a half but I don't know how to! So this one has had 4 1/2 stars!

Book Total of 2015 - 28