Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Liebster Award 2015

Not too long ago I was nominated for The Liebster Award. Well I say not too long ago, it was almost a month ago but I really haven't had the chance to upload anything because of my busy schedule as a student. But I'm doing it now, so it shouldn't really matter about before right? Right! I was nominated twice for this, both of these ladies were lovely. One was Helen from and the other was Rhian from Here it is girlies, I am finally uploading this for you both.

Going slightly off topic, I do love the idea of this as it is bringing us bloggers together and it really is nice to know that you're not alone! So, let's begin!

The Rules:

  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions from your nominator (in my case though this will be 22 because the ladies have asked me completely different questions .... I think ...)
  • Nominate 11 bloggers
  • Come up with 11 questions for your nominees and inform them
11 Facts About Me:

1) My name is Alisha and I'm British. I live near Birmingham, which is the second city of England. I wasn't born here, I was born in a place called Milton Keynes. But I moved here just before my second birthday.

2) I'm turning 17 on the 5th June and I'm really glad because it means that people are going to take me seriously for once! I'm a fairly mature person and yet people (cough cough parents cough cough) still treat like an immature baby! So hopefully that will change after my birthday

3) Books have helped me, no saved me. I was a victim to bullying when I was younger and I had some hard times. Books, mainly the fictional worlds they hold, helped me get through that. Books and one other thing, 

4) Performing is the other thing. I'm a musical theatre performer and I love it, it allows me to be some else. I've mentioned it before how it allows me to suddenly become confident as I am a different person. When the bullying that I suffered was exceedingly bad, to be able to become some else for an hour or two was a blessing. Not to mention the fact that I was able to connect with other people who may be in similar situations to myself and then I'm able to create such good friendships .... sorry that was a bit of a deepish rant ... don't know where that came from!

5) In my almost 17 years on this earth, I have had almost 300 pets. Yep. I don't know the exact amount but I've definitely had over 200. No, I don't live on a zoo. I just come from a family that happen to be quite animal loving. 

6) I am attempting to teach myself Sindarin, the language of the Sindar Elves from The Lord of the Rings. I say attempting, it isn't going very well and I've been learning for almost two years now. Oh dear .... 

7) I know the basics of four languages (not including English and Sindarin) because I went to a language school up until last september. These languages are: French, German, Mandarin and Latin. I dropped German, Mandarin and Latin, though I really wish that I hadn't. I also did Spanish and Italian for a few months after school too.

8) My first ever fandom was The Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit. These were the first ever books that my dad read to me when I was a baby and I can still remember him doing his awesome voices for the different characters. I was about two when this happened. 

9) The first ever proper book I read to myself was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I read this to myself when I was three and ever since then I have been obsessed with the series. I've read the individual books at least over a hundred times. Especially the Philosopher's Stone which I just read every so often because why the hell not! You can tell from their condition. 

10) I have never been in a relationship (with a real life person, fictional boys don't count). Never even been asked out by anyone. Yep. Not even one of those childish one day relationships that don't even count, Nope. Maybe that's why I depend on fictional guys ........

11) I have known what I've wanted to do since I was a really little kid. When I went to see my first show and decided that I wanted to perform. I was like three years old. So that show is the reason why I am me. That and the books. How strange that these simple things have consumed my life and made me me. 

Questions from Helen:

1) Who's your book boyfriend/girlfriend? There are so many that I could pick. But I think that I am going to have to pick either Legolas from The Lord of the Rings or Levi from Fangirl. 

2) Books that got you into reading? The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien since it was the first proper book my dad read to me as a baby and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as it was the first book I read to myself as a little kid.  

3) Favourite bookstore? Waterstones. 

4) Cheapest and most expensive book you've ever bought? I remember buying a book a few years ago for 1p (it was at a car boot sale and it was basically brand new so why the hell not! Whilst the most expensive book was about £15 pounds and it was a limited edition book that I bought for a realitive a few years ago. 

5) Favourite reading weather? I love it when it rains and I can curl up and listen to the water on my window! 

6) First review you ever posted on your blog?  My first review was on the Drownibg of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes. 

7) Do you plan out TBRs? I'd like to say yes because I really want to but I don't, I try to but it really doesn't work! 

8) Do you have any posters from the books you've read or their movie adaptations? No. I used to but I don't put posters up anymore. I'm really boring like that.

9) Do you read many books at the same period of time or one at time? This really depends on me at the time. If I can't get into one book then I will probably start reading another one and keep trying to go back to the original book. Also if it's a really long book then i'll read more than one. But usually I'll just read one at a time. 

10) Ebooks or Physical Copies? Physical books. 

11) Favourite book EVER? The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (for the reason listed in the first question). 

Questions from Rhian:

1) What is your all time favourite book? That's actually fairly easy for me to answer. Because it is the book that got me into reading. This book means the world to me and this book is The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. Need I say anything else???? 

2) Who is your favourite author? Tolkien has to be my favourite author because he created Middle Earth but I have to say that J K Rowling is a close second! 

3) Pristine or damaged book? This depends on the book. If I am buying a book that is very old and is already second hand then I quite like it damaged because it shows how loved the book is. However, I like my own books, ones that I bought brand new, to be in pristine condition because I like to know that I have looked after them. 

4) Is cracking the spine of a book acceptable in your eyes? In a hardback book yes! In a paperback book, maybe depends on the book and the size and how much I like the book. 

5) Favourite snack to eat when reading? Either chocolate (white chocolate usually), some flavoured popcorn or an assortment of biscuits. Oh and a cup of tea or mug of hot chocolate! 

6) What is your most favourite genre and your most hated genre? I think distopian is my favourite genre, especially post apocalyptic distopian books. They are so catching and usually full of suspense. Whilst the genre that I hate has the be Christian fiction, I just can't get into it and I'm a Christian myself! 

7) Favourite weather for reading? Adding to the question earlier I love stormy weather to read in. With all the low rumbles of thunder and the flashes of lightning, it really creates a mood when I read and it is perfect when their is a battle going on. It's like my own personal symphony for the scene. 

8) Do you like complete silence when reading or do you like some music or the television on etc? This really depends on me and the book I'm reading. Some books I like to have a bit of music playing off of spotify - usually one of the chill playlists. Other times I might be reading in the same room as my parents are watching telly so I don't mind listening to the telly whilst I read. But, occasionally, there is a time when I just want to sit in silence and allow myself to be completely consumed by the book. And they are my favourite reading moments, when I completely forget about the rest of the world and just live somewhere else for a few hours. 

9) Favourite book to movie adaptation? Obviously I am going to have to mention the Hobbit here because I love all three of the films but I'm going to mention something that people might think I'm crazy for doing. City of Bones. Loads of people hated this movie but I really enjoyed it. Yes it took me forever to read the book and I'm attempting to reread it now which isn't working. But the series is good and I really enjoyed the film. The cast was amazing and the acting was really good. But it gets so much hate. Yes  some things are different but at least it stays true to the book compared to a different trilogy which is completely different and the acting is appalling in it yet people adore it **cough cough divergent cough cough** 

10) Ebooks or physical copies? Physical copies. 

11) Why did you start your blog? I wanted to give my opinions to the world about books and stuff like that. And I thought that this would be a good way to do it :) 

My Questions for my Nominees:

1) Who is your favourite book villain?
2) Least favourite book to movie adaptation?
3) How often do you buy books? 
4) Do you prefer to shop online or shop in a book shop?
5) Favourite place to read?
6) What is the longest book you have ever read?
7) First fandom?
8) Reading or writing?
9) Favourite book you have read this year so far?
10) How many physical books do you own?
11) One character that you would like to meet in real life and why? 

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