Sunday, 16 August 2015

Reading Slumps

The worst thing has struck once again. Something that can kill a geeky girl such as I. It's hell to be sat in the middle of the summer holidays, with a lot of stressful work that can only be dealt with the excess of free time given to me, not being able to do one of the things that I love. Yes, I have fallen into a reading slump.

Every reader knows that voice deep inside them that ushers them to read certain things. The same voice that allows them to go to such beautiful and magnificent places that are described in the very books we adore. But it is an evil being. Just like mother nature, it will suddenly just stand up and yell, 'NOPE!'. Sometimes these dreaded slumps can last for months on end and it is a horrible thing. I don't want to be left in that same old situation where my brain is slowly destroying itself because it isn't being allowed to imagine wonderful places such as Hogwarts or the Shire.

Since I am in this very position at the moment, I have been reading the same book for over a week; forcing myself to read it. Before that, whilst I was on holiday, I couldn't finish any of the seven books I took on holiday with me when the year before I read the six I took with me and four of the ten more I bought whilst away. It's an awful feeling. Why must it hit whilst I am on holiday, why not in my chaotic school year?????

Anyway, I went slightly off topic then, since I am in this position myself I thought that maybe I should share some of my cures for getting rid of reading slumps.

Stop reading. 
I know, the one thing you want to do right now is read that book that is in front of you. But stop. You obviously don't really want to read because your brain isn't letting you. So instead, do something else. It could be anything. You could be write, binge watch something on Netflix, go outside (**gasp**), knit, eat. Do anything you want so that you're brain can go onto other things. Personally I suggest watching Walking Dead or Pretty Little Liars. The latter I got into this summer because of my slump and it is helping, slightly. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I find a great pleasure in spending an endless amount of hours stripping my bookshelves and then taking forever in deciding how you want the books to sit, what you want where. I find it really therapeutic. It lets me clear my mind, something that I plan to do later this week. 

Switch it up.
Why not try reading a new genre. I love sci-fi books, there's something about them that I love. But the last time I was in a reading slump I decided to grab a book from a genre that I could never get into (contemporary) and that has become one of my favourite books of all time. It got me out of that dreaded slump so maybe it could help someone else. 

Go back to an old favourite. 
This always helps me. Put down the book you're reading and go back to an old favourite, something that will remind you why you love to read. I am going to pick up one of my all time favourites, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I know that going back to Hogwarts will help me get my brain through this evil state. 

A quick fix may help. 
Why not try picking up some tiny books, whether these are novellas or graphic novels it shouldn't matter because they will help get you out of the slump. Little words are always good when your brain decides to turn into a vegetable. 

This can go one of two ways. Either grab an audiobook and listen to someone else's dulcet tones as they read to you. Then your brain doesn't need to do anything except imagine. Or, you could put on some movie soundtracks to take you to a world you love. Something that can really get the imagination section of your brain working.   

Though I have mentioned only a few points, I think that they should help any poor unfortunate souls. like myself, who find themselves stuck in a dreaded reading slump.

But I want to know, how do you get over your reading slump?

Book Total of 2015 - 42