Friday, 5 December 2014


They are a nightmare. 
Need I say anymore. For those of you who don't know, I am at a performing arts school doing my a-levels and today is my first deadline. I've always heard people saying how stressful deadlines are, but I didn't understand until today. 

I started my coursework like I would start a piece of homework, later than it was set. I was given what ... Three months to do this piece of coursework and I started it near the end of month two!!!!! Opps!!!! And it has stressed me out so much! 

I was up so late finishing some of it off and I still have a little bit more to do when I get to school! And when I wanted to finish it the other day, we ran out of printer paper! 

WHAT EVEN IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I basically think that someone somewhere has it out for me! 
My printer took forever to prit everything out last night; usually only printing half of it out! And my dog was constantly trying to sit on my lap because I was obviously sat on the floor because of him and for no other reason what so ever. Now, that was cute. Don't get me wrong. But it just felt bad because he kept giving me those eyes that mean say "do you not love mean?" "If you loved me you'd let me sit on your lap" "why don't you love me"

Anyway, eventually I got most of it done and it was nice; that moment of delight to know that all I had to do was annotate a script and that was it!! HURAH!!!! 

And then I remembered something else. I have another deadline that I haven't really been concentrating on because of this unit and that deadline is on the 15th and I've barely started it and now I'm hyperventilating and the lady besides me is looking at me like I'm a freak. Oh, I'm on the train by the way. So that's delightful, isn't it!!!!!!!! 

And this weekend I am performing, teaching and I have a meal to go to!!!! Ugh!  The world hates me! 

Oh and next week is my first assessment week in which I have 8 different things and ugh!! 

Just now realising how many times I write "ugh" ... It's quite a lot! 

So next week, not only will I be preparing for two auditions the week after, but I will be rehearsing everything and be writing the rest of this coursework! 


Basically, what I am trying to say is don't put things off for a while. Do everything as soon as it had been set, especially for deadlines, because else you feel as stressed as I am at this moment in time. 

Basically, the moral of my story is .... Ummm ... Well don't be this ginger! 

I'll see you all soon!