Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Resolutions 2015

I want to change. Not drastically; only slightly. But I want to change myself for the better. So I have set myself some New Years resolutions that I do actually plan to stick to!!! Yay!!!!! Maybe not New Years resolutions, more like New Year goals. But I actually want to do them. So here you go. 

1. To read more. 
Yes I read a lot as it is, however, I really want to increase my reading over the year dramatically. Therefore, I have made myself a goal. By this time next year I want to have read 30 books. Wooo!!!!!!!

2. Upload more.
I really want to be able to upload loads more on all my sites. I might have to create a time table when to do this for my different websites. But that will most likely be done at a later date. The sites that I want to update frequently are ... well this .... Obviously (who else read that in Allan Rickman's voice?) ... Wattpad and YouTube. So I definitely will try to do that! 

3. Become more organised.
This sort of links to the previous point. I am really really really unorganised. I leave everything to the last minute, which then stresses me out so much! Therefore, I am going to make myself a timetable or something that'll include practice, school work and other stuff; other stuff includes writing, blogging and general performing stuff. 
Oh, this also includes my room. I want things to be tidier because when I get stressed I don't tidy things away and then my room becomes messy and that stresses me out even more. So I'm going to attempt to keep my room tidy all year round. I have tidied my room now so then I start off the new year with a tidy room. Maybe then that'll help me keep my room like that for the whole year. 

4. To practice.
This, sadly, is something that I do not so enough. I barely practice my singing, acting and dance at all; just enough really to help me get by. But I want to do more than that. I want to really excell in my work; to become the best that I can be as a performer. This is mainly because I will be beginning to look for places at University's, meaning that there will be auditions against hundreds of other people ... get my drift? 

5. Build my vocal repertoire. 
Think this is fairly self explainitary. For those of you who don't know, a vocal repertoire is something that consists of loads of songs that can be used for auditions and performances and ... anything else that I'll need it for. 

6. To care more about my looks.
For those who don't know me, they will probably think that that is completely shallow. But in the industry that I want to go into you have to know how to make yourself look attractive. This means that I am going to have to work on different things to do with my hair and make up so that I look fairly attractive! 

7. Be healthier 
This sort of links to my precious one. Basically, I am going to start going to the gym in the morning and eating more balanced, healthier meals. This means eating very few sweet things and fizzy pop and fast food :( 

8. To play the piano again
I used to enjoy playing the piano, until one of my previous teachers made me hate it. However, I know that it will help me jn the long run. So, basically, I am going to teach myself how to play and then that should help with my signing and stuff too. 

9. To become happier and more confident in myself 
Think that is a given really; don't you? 

10. To save up money and get a summer job
Think this makes sense too. Basically I want to buy a load of stuff, but to do that and I need money to do it

Yeah, so they are my New Years Resolutions/goals for 2015. Anything you think I should add to them? Please let me know. 

Happy New Year people!!!