Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Year - 2014 (review)

This year has been a strange one.

For the main part I was completely stressed out because of my blooming G.C.S.Es which practically destroyed me since I had to do 28 blooming exams. But so many things really made my year; and truth be told I think it has been my best year in my life ... so far.

I went to see Kerry Ellis and Rory Taylor in RENT, the musical, on Valentines Day. It was a Christmas Present from my parents and I absolutely loved it!!!!

I was cast as the main singing part in our school musical, Grease. No, sadly, I was not Sandy. But at my old school, we had three or four singers that would sing in all the songs. These were the best singers and would create the harmonies as well as teach all the rest of the cast what to sing. And because I had done that before, two years ago, I was given the role of the head one. Which meant I personally decided on all the harmonies and I was the only soprano out of the group too! So that was awesome! Also, since I was a trusted student by the teachers in charge, they asked me to help them choreograph the different routines and stuff which was amazing!!!!!!!

Three days before the dress rehearsal I had the auditions for a performing arts school; something that I thought would only happen in my wildest dreams. Since about 2000 people applied and only 150 people were given an audition spot. I have to say that those two days were probably the best two days in my whole life ... at that point. It was amazing to be able to work alongside such wonderful people who aspired to be in the same industry as I wanted to be in. It was completely amazing.

And then I had the school play and I was able to do the school play. Something that I love every single time I do it; and I'm actually really really sad that I can't take part in it this year! It was so good this year because I got to take part and lead some vocal warm ups too. Ahhhh!!! And don't forget about the fact that I got to perform, something that I love to do!

After that, I found out that I got into the performing arts school, BOA, and I cried and screamed a little bit. I was even allowed to leave school five minutes early because my French teacher knew how nervous I was!

Then, I was in Italy. That trip was so beautiful! I loved every blooming minute of it. It was full of so many interesting and hilarious moments. It was my best mates birthday whilst we were away, and in Italy - for those of you who do not know - you can be served alcohol at the age of 14. This meant that she and my other friend who were in the room drank a few ... dozen bottles. Okay, they only drank two between them and they were fairly small but still it was quite amusing to watch. I don't drink, therefore I did not take part. But out there, I was able to bond with people I wouldn't usually bond with and it was really nice; as well as getting a great help for my exams.

Soon after I competed in a festival and won loads of categories - yay me!! And I was awarded the most promising voice in the whole of the vocal section; in which I was competing against adults!!!!! So yay me!!!!!

After that, there were my exams. Which I have to say were not completely hell on earth. A few of them, mainly my science exams, basically killed me. But the rest were alright. Once I got over the bulk of them in my first blooming week!!!!!!!!!! But, at the end of that first week, I went to see two shows and we found a ferret; who is now my baby boy and I love him to pieces!!!!! I actually enjoyed a few of my exams too, which I know is mad; but I did.

Then came the longest summer ever! Which was beautiful and I had a great leavers day; in which I dressed up as Arwen! And Prom. Well ... it was probably the first big party I've ever been to and I really enjoyed it, No I didn't go on the actually dance floor; but me and my friends danced at the back of the room in this large square we created and it was really really really fun. I felt really pretty that day; naturally pretty you know. And I did love the feeling. And truth be told, since then I have felt like that all the time.

I went to see six shows for my birthday and went to the Making of Harry Potter Studios in London!!!! Which was literally amazing and I loved it so much!!!! Someone take me back please!!!!!!

I then went on holiday with my parents to the Lake District, which - although it did cause me completely agony because I have a bad back - but it was beautiful and I got a lot of reading done too which was awesome!!!!! Oh and I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 as well, which killed me!

Little happened the rest of the summer, but I when I went back to school I started at BOA and it has been the most amazing experience of my life ... so far! I love it so much! And no matter how much I complain and moan about how hard it is and how the 20 minutes of ab work a week destroys me; I love it.

Little else has happened this year ... oh other than the fact that I hit 60,000 reads on the first book of my LOTR fanfic on Wattpad!!!!!!! Ekkk!!!!!

Oh, and I went to my first convention and met so many lovely actors! And so many nice cosplayers as well!!!!!

Finally, I went to see the Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies. This destroyed my soul so much ... even though the book is 75 year old and I know what happened but well it still killed me.

And Christmas was great too, so I think that my year has been a great one and I really can't wait to live 2015!!!!

So Happy New Year people! I hope 2015 is great for you all!!!