Thursday, 26 February 2015

Oh the joys of being me

I don't know if people know this, but when the Harry Potter Studio tour has premiere events, they invite some of the fandom accounts off of Twitter to go. 

One of my closest friends got to go last year for the Halloween Dark Arts event. It looked bloody amazing, if you'll excuse my French, and I have been jealous ever since. 

A new event has just been announced. They are adding a perminant Hogwarts Express feature, holding an event to celebrate this. Loads of accounts that I know have been invited. Although I am extremely jealous, I am very happy for them. My friend got invited, again, and I was joking how I she should have taken me with her instead of her mum. I wasn't mad or anything; just pulling her leg about it all. 

But then something absolutely amazing happens. One of the other girls who I'm close to has been invited and she asked me to have her spare ticket! I basically cried about it all. I was so happy. Not only was I going to get to go to the studios again but I was also going to get to meet my internet friends! I was beyond excited. But then I asked my parents .... and well ... I guess people are going to know where this is going.

Even though my mum and dad have met one of the girl's who is going; she went to my old school. They did not want me to go since I would have to travel on the train ... alone to London and back. Yes on the way there it would be alright but at back when there are some not very nice gentlemen or ladies on the train. Nope. So that was strike too. Also the event is on a Thursday, a school day. The event might not be until the evening but still I would have to get two different trains and then make my way to the studios too. And the final straw is that the next day j have an exam so ... yep ... as you can see there was no chance in hell they were letting me go. 

My heart has been absolutely broken. I can't believe that I don't get to go and seeing everyone talking about it on Twitter has made me very very sad. I'm sorry if I snap at anyone because of that or if I randomly burst into tears :( 

But who knows maybe the next time they do an event I might get an invite and actually be able to go! Who knows though! 


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