Thursday, 12 November 2015

Review | Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige

What You Need To Know:
Title: Dorothy Must Die
Author: Danielle Paige
Number of Pages: 464
Genre: Fantasy, fairy tale, magic, young adult
Series/Standalone: First book in the 'Dorothy Must Die' series
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: 1st April, 2014

The Plot:
Amy Gumm didn't ask for any of this. She was just another normal girl from Kansas; but it seems that is exactly what the Revoluntary order of the Wicked wanted.
But Oz isn't the the Merry Old Land Amy knew from the old stories. The Munchkins are slaves; Glinda the Good drains the land of magic; Dorothy rules with an iron fist.
Wicked needs amy to do one thing, to save Oz. So one thing must happen; Dorothy Must Die.

My Thoughts:
I've had real mixed feelings around this book. The synopsis sounded amazing but I had heard mixed reviews so I was unsure about the whole thing.
And I have to admit that I really wasn't that impressed. The concept was beautiful and at the start I had real hope for it.

Personally I think that too much time was spent setting up the novel on Earth; it depleted the flow which is rather annoying. Some of the characters were not believable which meant that I didn't fully absorb the story.

However, I have to say that the majority of the storyline can't actually be faulted. I loved the idea but it wasn't executed that well.
One key example of this is that on the blurb it says:
'Remove the Woodman's heart,
Steal the Scarecrow's Brain,
Take the Lion's courage
And then - 
Dorothy Must Die'
From the start of the book we know what has to happen by the end of the book, but we don't know why or how it has to happen.
I expected that by the end of the book that Dorothy would be the only one left. But I was sadly disappointed. Normally I have to complain about the author rushing but for the first time I can say that Danielle Paige spent too long setting up the novel. Thus making it rather boring even though the idea should have been amazing!

I was so disappointed with this book so I have to say that I'm only going to have to give this book

Book Total of 2015 - 61