Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I'm writing a book | NaNoWriMo 2015

I'm an avid reader, which you really should know since you are reading this little blog. But what some people may not know is that I also adore writing. I write fanfiction and I've been meaning to write an original novel for the past millennium so I thought why not go for NaNoWriMo this year.

November is National Novel Writing Month, just like October is national reading month. And I have wanted to be apart of NaNoWriMo for years but I have always been too busy. The original plan was that I would take part from next year when I'll be in uni and will be able to spend time doing this. But no I decided, to hell with that. I am going to start writing it this year. So like an idiot I decided that in the most painstakingly difficult year when I not only have exams but also auditions that will determine my future that I would attempt to write a 50,000 word book.

Since I have uploaded this three days into November I thought I'd let you know that I have already written 6711 words which I think is very good. Hopefully I will be able to actually win this. If I did it would be completely amazing.

I'm writing this post because I would love for people to read my works. My four year anniversary of being on Wattpad occurs at the end of this month. Therefore I am going to upload my novel on Wattpad as an early birthday/anniversary present for all my readers. So from 18:30 today on the 3rd of November, 2015 I shall upload the first part of my novel.

Now onto the little details. My original novel is called ............................. 270.

The world is harsh for the survivors living inside of the Dome; life isn't going to be easy when the world was all by destroyed by nuclear war heads. But life is especially hard for the children. At birth a lottery is rolled which releases a number between 7 and 22. The age that that child will be forced to leave their home and live out in the hazardous planet that they once called home for 270 days.

Bree Kampf seems to be no different than the rest of the 270 who will go out to die on the 31st December, 4052. But she knows how to survive. She has to since she's lived on the streets for most of her life. She knows how to survive. Or at least she hopes she does. The wild could be more dangerous than the savage world that she's already used to. Especially when Bree doesn't know who she can trust when the people around her seem to be just as bad as those outside of the Dome that they call home.

But the question is, what will she have to do in order to survive?

The cold air that surrounded her sunk deeply into her bones, but it did not disturb her. It was something that anyone could get used to. The shivers that racked her body were not from the freezing temperatures, instead they were from the horrifying memory that flooded her head. His head turned to face her, blood splattered all around, and his lifeless eyes looking deeply into her own. A scream had rippled through the air that night; the scream of a child. It took her along time to discover that this scream actually belonged to her. She didn’t even realise until one of the guards ran forward and retched her from her hiding place. She still bore the price on her right cheek; the price for being the daughter of a traitor. 
The world was cold, as usual, and the blackened sky was filled with their infamous snow and mist. The world was silent. None dared move, not even those who lived in the shadows on the streets. Like the girl who had woken only moments ago who dared not yell out or even gasp, for none really knew when the patrols would gather near. The florescent lights flickered on and off over head, bathing the street in a yellowing light. The sharp wind curled around the corners as fast as death, it flickered up the scraps of the street and smashed them into any in its way. It flicked the girl’s jet black hair in all directions and smashed her limp limbs about. The wind was the master puppeteer.

Book Total of 2015 - 61