Thursday, 17 September 2015

Line Learning

So rehearsals are underway for the first of our shows. It's Thoroughly Modern Millie and we're performing it at the Old Rep from the 13th of October. So if anybody would like to come and see it, then your are welcome. Sorry I had to do a tiny plug for you all.

Anyway because of this, I have the obvious dilemma of line learning. I don't know how many people understand the pain that is line learning. For me I can pick up lyrics as easy as I can pick up a book. Harmonies are the same. Usually line learning is the same but this time, nope. I only have like four lines to learn but for some reason I can't get them in my head. The girl's who are the main cast have almost all their lines completely down but me. Nope.


I'm picking up the choreography quicker than my lines which is odd for me. Maybe it means that I'm progressing as a performer and my dance is improving but I've never struggled with lines this much before. Maybe it's just pressure settling in because of A-Levels and everything being in a few months. Perhaps my head is just a little bit dead. Maybe. Who knows if I'm honest.

But I work good when I'm on a timetable so I think I'm going to have to incorporate some of the Millie line learning and song stuff into that timetable. Maybe at the end of the day. Who knows what I'm going to do.

Ugh! Life!

Book Total of 2015 - 51