Friday, 18 September 2015

Living the Single Life

Why is it that literally all of my friends are suddenly being thrown into relationships and I am still single? Literally all of my friends are in a relationship and I am sat here in the corner of the room whilst they are being all coupley (is that a word? I don't think it is but it best describes how I feel) eating some sort of chocolate treat.

So a few years ago I was fat. Not like I had a bit of puppy fat on the stomach and thighs. I mean full blown, baby elephant fat. I was huge! Also I had a lot of spots but they weren't spots, it was full blown acne and it was horrid. Oh and I was (and still am) a full blown Geek. But not the cute type of Geek that people are in love with because they are so adorable. I become a fairly angry fangirl when I'm talking about something that I obsess over. So yeah it makes sense that from the ages 11 - 15 I was spending my friday nights devouring ice cream whilst obsessing over Doctor Who.

But in the past year and a bit I dropped a load of my weight almost overnight (mainly because I was so stressed about exams that it fell off, grew legs and ran away (a bit like an adipose). Yes I'm not a stick thin twig person (I still has some fat on me but really it is only a bit of puppy fat in comparison to before) but I'm nothing in comparison to before. I take these tablets that have really controlled my acne (almost getting rid of most of it) and I know that my weight will always look like I'm huge in comparison to some of my taller friends because I'm only 5f2! But you know I can live with that. My geeky side is as huge as ever but it's starting to become a sort of 'aww that's cute that she's obsessed with that' sort of side to other people.

Yet, I'm still alone. I'm 17 and completely and utterly alone. How depressing is that!

I know that I am going to be that person who meets someone in Uni and learns that they are a completely amazing person who I'd maybe end up marrying. But if that doesn't happen then I probably will turn into a crazy cat lady. But I don't have any cats and I already have 10 ferrets so that would probably make me a crazy ferret lady.

But whilst I might be saying that, I rather like being the only single. They are always complaining about their partners and stuff like that so in a way I am glad that I'm alone. And I'm able to obsess over celebs and fictional characters without my other being slightly worried about my sanity.

Now that I'm thinking about it. Although I complain about being single and stuff and probably being the only almost 18 year old in the universe who hasn't actually been kissed or anything. At least I don't have to attempt to impress anyone or anything. Which actually really fantastic, slightly delusional way. Who knows what is actually going on in my mind but I'll survive.

So, basically, I am living (and sort of loving but also sort of hating) the single life!

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