Monday, 7 December 2015


For the past month and a bit I have basically been living in auditions. Not only am I in my final year of compulsory education (so I'm auditioning for drama school) but I am also auditioning for some shows. Basically auditions are my life. Even though I am basically living a constant audition at the moment that doesn't mean that I don't get nervous. Hell last thursday I had my GSA (Guildford School of Acting) last thursday and because it was one of my top places I was so nervous. I all but started hyperventilating before. However as soon as I was calm and collected.
But there was one girl who throughout one of my auditions was constantly shaking and at one point she could hardly breathe. I never get that nervous during an audition because I always look at is as a chance to perform. Yet before an audition is a completely different story.
So I thought I'd give some advice for all of you who get so bloody nervous before, during and after auditions.

  • It is just a chance to perform. The more you dwell on the fact that it is an audition, instead of a chance to show off your talent to people, the more nervous you will become. So smile and enjoy and you really won't be as nervous. Trust me. 
  • Breathe. Before you go into the audition room take deep, calming breaths. Count down from twenty to one and breathe in and out. Take the time to calm your mind. The more cluttered your mind is, the harder you will find it to concentrate. 
  • Just rehearse. The more rehearsed you are, the calmer your mind will be because it'll know exactly what it supposed to be doing. But before you go in don't start to panic that you don't know something.  Because when you go in you really won't know something. 
  • If you go into an audition and you don't know something. Make it up! You know the storyline of your monologue or how the words are supposed to sound in the song. Don't just stop and say 'sorry I forgot my lines'. Just ad-lib! If professionals do it on stage occasionally then it is okay to do it in an audition. If the song or monologue is quite obscure then the panel won't know it. As long as it isn't a song from Wicked or one of the other big musicals. Trust me it is fine to ad-lib occasionally. 
  • If you love what you do then nerves should't matter. Just smile through it and enjoy what you do!
Now I have an announcement to make in the next post. Something that I am so excited to tell you all. But you'll have to wait to hear it. Trust me when I say that the suspense will kill you *insert evil laugh here*

Until next time!

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