Monday, 14 December 2015

Landing a Role

Recently I had an audition for my FMP (Final Major Performance) and it was announced that I am playing featured ensemble role. Now I am absolutely fine with this. Yes it would have been amazing to land one of the main roles, but I am fine with being in the ensemble. In my experience, being in the ensemble can be a lot more enjoyable because you may not be on stage for as long as the leads (depending on the cast size) meaning that you get more time backstage which is always fun. Not to mention that I wasn't able to make the actual recall date. But more on that later.

However, a lot of people in my company were really bitter about the casting. People, who I will admit are not the greatest all rounded performer, were saying how it was an unfair casting and how they deserve to given the main rules. Now I would like to say one thing about this ..... GROW UP PEOPLE!
So the majority of people in my company want to actually go into performance. The main thing about my school is that all of us are guaranteed a part in the production. In real life that is not going to happen. When you are auditioning the likely hood is (unless you are one of the most spectacular leading men or women out there that everybody in the universe desires) that you will get one part out of ten auditions. And that's if they are lucky. Yes, you can feel disappointed but there is no need to be bitter.

I'm going to use myself as an example so that no one can say that I am being a bitch (please excuse my French there).
I was given two recalls. One for one of the three principles and one for the anti-hero in the show. I was amazed to be I was even considered for those roles. However I was not in on the day of the recalls because I had a Drama School audition else where. So why should I have felt bitter. I wasn't there so I really can't feel bitter. Yes, I'm disappointed that I could have been given a main role. But I wasn't there so I can't openly complain.
To be honest more people should feel like that because it's going to be a lot worse in the future. Thousands of people could be going up for less than 30 parts. The likelihood is that people won't get a role in a show and things will be a lot worse if people in the industry find out. Meaning that then the likelihood is that they will eventually be out of work as no one would want to work with a bitter person like that.
People simply need to grin and bare it. If they feel bitter then they just need to internally scream and then get on with their lives.

That is all!
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