Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Stormy Weather

I find that there is nothing better than getting to read when there is a storm going on outside. You can curl up by a window with blankets and candles and some form of hot beverage. You get to read some book with the a soothing noise in the background; a storm. It really is something very beautiful.

At the weekend, we kept getting these sudden storms that would appear and I took that as an opportunity to read. It was so peaceful. I was curled up in my lounge with the lights down low and a large throw draped over my legs. Several fluffy cushions and a hot water bottle around me. A mug of tea sat on the table. I was able o fully submerge myself into the fictional world and forget everything else. And for some reason it was the rain that encouraged me.

Today, however, I had to walk to college. It was spitting when I got off the train and I thought that that would be okay. Little did I know that we were due a torrential downpour. I didn't have a suitable coat or umbrella either. That was a fun experience ..... note the sarcasm! When I was little I would have loved it. I could run round in my wellies and coat, jumping in puddles and just getting absolutely soaked. But then I would be able to get out of the wet clothes and not feel like a drowned rat. I have now got some revision sessions and I know that I am going to be freezing and unable to concentrate for the rest of the day. Great!

So yes, in some ways I love it when there's a storm going on outside. You can listen to the marvel of the skies and in someways it really helps with the creation of different characters or scenes when writing. But not when you have to sit in wet clothing for four more hours. Yeah, I love rain but today, I'm really not feeling it.

Book Total of 2016 - 43