Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What's With All These Cover Changes?

All books get different covers at some point in time - it's something that happens. Publishers think that a series needs to revamped or a new publisher will pick up a book and redesign it for them. Sometimes it takes a book with an ugly cover and turns it into something beautiful. And hey, we all know that we really do pick books by their cover, even if we say that we don't. But why do publishers feel the need to change a cover half way through an uncompleted series? 

This is one of my biggest bookish pet peeves. I get that after a certain amount of time there is a need for new covers to be released. The Harry Potter Series must have a dozen different covers in the UK alone. But why not wait until a book series has finished. I can’t count the number of series that will release a cover for the first three books in the series and then will randomly change it to something completely unrelated for the final book. No, that should not happen!

I can’t be the only person who gets so annoyed with this, can I? If you are going to change the covers of a series then just change all the series. Like with The Throne of Glass series, when it was first released the cover was not the greatest but people still bought it. For those who don’t know it was Celaena but as an actual person instead of a drawing. Yeah, not the greatest ever but it could have been a lot worse. Because it took so long for Crown of Midnight to be released they revamped the cover, but not long after this they released the same cover for Throne of Glass meaning that they all matched.

Yet this is not the case for so many series, particularly trilogies, and to be honest it puts me off buying the books individually. I don’t know what the rest of the series will look like and that scares me. One example of this will be the first book in the Gone Series, by Michael Grant. Now I wasn’t thrilled by this series anyway, but that’s another story. But the copy of the first book in this series that I own is from the original print which they now don’t sell anymore. So there are at least ten other books in this series with mix-match covers because of how long they were being written for. Do you know how annoying that is? I really wanted to complete this series but now I’ll have to buy the first book again so that it matches the rest of the covers and that’s money that I really can’t waste!

Why do you do this to me publishers?

Another example is more to do with the print of the book. I have the first and second book in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trilogy, by Ransom Riggs in paperback form. Now the covers match those in the hardbacks so I wasn’t too bothered about them only releasing the final book in Hardback over here. But the thing that annoyed me was that they said it would be another six months or so before the paperback of Library of Souls was released so I bit the bullet and bought the hardback since I was so desperate to know how it finished. Two days later it was released in the UK. Two days! Why do you do this to me? Now I’m faced with another series that doesn’t match! Why!!!!!

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who is so annoyed at the release of new covers or editions of books in the middle of a series, please tell me that someone else shares this burning anger!

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