Monday, 13 June 2016

The Zoella Book Club

Whenever a Youtuber does something nowadays, the universe decides to explode. Somethings I really don’t agree with but I have to admit that the explosion of social media the other day was something that I looked up to.

Zoe Sugg, or Zoella as most people will know her, is one of the major Youtubers out there. She lives with her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, and is one of the most watched people of Youtube. She is idolised by so many young girls and that could be a bad thing if she shared some aspects of her life; she could negatively influence others. But that was not the case this time. She was worked together with WHSmith in order to create a bookclub that at the moment houses eight relatively large Young Ault Novels.

I praise you for this, Zoe, for you are going to get a lot of young people reading instead of swaying them towards other parts of society like drinking. Now I’m not suggesting that that is what Zoella is doing. No, I’m actually saying that the she is ensuring that the easily moulded minds are not influenced negatively.

There are eight books in this book club at the moment and each one has a newly designed cover that is exclusive to WHSmith. The books are as follows:
  • Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell,
  • All The Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven 
  • We Were Liars, by e Lockhart
  • Beautiful Broken Things, by Sara Barnard 
  • The Potion Diaries, by Amy Alward
  • Everything, Everything, by Nicola Yoon 
  • The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson 
  • Billy and Me, by Giovanna Fletcher 

All of these books are contemporary reads that can be slightly more relatable to the Young Adult audience since they talk about loss or finding love. An amazing selection, I must say, that will most likely grasp the reader’s attention. Yes, I haven’t read the whole collection but I know people who have and they all agree that they are perfect for such a young, and manipulative, audience.

I must say that I am proud of you, Zoe. More teenagers need to get into reading to learn more about the world and different situations that life can put you into. I know that I will be promoting this further so that more people can get into reading. It really will change your life for the better.

Book Total of 2016 – 43