Friday, 10 April 2015

Crazy Thoughts That Go Through My Head At 3am

My brain is strange. Literally, it is really really strange. I will be doing something and then suddenly my mind will wander and I will be thinking about some random thing. This mainly happens when I go to bed; especially when something important is going to happen the next day.

So this post is going to express the mad things that run through my head at 3am.

Picture this, I'm simply lying in the dark, cuddling up with my toothless. Basically I'm asleep, or close to sleep. I have a rather peculiar sleeping pattern, but that's not to the point. I'm lying there, in my bed and I'm drifting, ever so slowly, into to the land of dreams when suddenly my brain kicks into action.

What was that noise?

I have noisy neighbours with two young kids, so I should be used to these loud noises that filter from next door. But my mind gets the best of me. Now I live with my parents so I shouldn't be scared, should I? Wrong; sounds freak me out.

A murder is hiding downstairs and they are going to come and get you!

I'm an idiot really, but I sometimes believe what my brain is telling me. So I will scurry out of bed and then look downstairs before shutting my door completely and then staring at the door whilst listening for the stairs.

So then, I'll calm down and slowly I'll be drifting back off to sleep when ...

Need a drink!

And of course my water bottle is empty. So that means that I have to climb out of bed, again, and I fill up me bottle.

Right, sleep time now! Right? Wrong!

Remember that song that you were told to learn? The one that is 18 pages long and changes key like 50 times? Yeah, that'd being performed tomorrow; first thing.

And, of course, my brain would remind me of this. So now I'll be hyperventilating and praying to all the performing Gods that my teacher will miraculously fall sick over night and I will have an extra night to learn the piece. But I eventually stop and decide that I will be doing a lot of learning on the train the next morning,

Finally just as I am definitely drifting to sleep, My mind decides to tell me one more thing ...

Need the toilet! 

Seriously! My brain sounds like a toddler!

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