Monday, 6 April 2015

Review | Her by Harriet Lane

What You Need To Know:

Title: Her
Author: Harriet Lane
Number Of Pages: 288
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Thriller, Drama
Publisher: W&N
Published: 12th June, 2014

The Plot:

All women live different lives and yet it seems that they are all connected in some ways. Nina is a successful artist. She's sophisticated, independent, completely in control of her whole life. Emma was all that, but gave everything up - including financial stability - in order to raise a family.

No one would believe that there is something between the two of them. The two women are so different, they have nothing in common to the outside world. Maybe the fact that they are both mother's, but nothing else.

But when the two women meet, Nina takes Emma her wing - in a way - and rescues from several disasters.

To Emma, Nina is a gift but something that she also envies; wishing that she could reclaim that life again. But Emma is something else for Nina because she wants revenge for ... something.
The two have met before; a long time ago. Nina remembers Emma, but Emma doesn't remember Nina.
The question is, what does Nina really want from Emma? And how far would she actually go to pursue this.

My Thoughts On The Book:

This book, I sadly have to admit, was very hard to get into. Harriet Lane has a strange writing style. By this I mean that she constantly uses complex sentences and it's rather hard to understand the narrative of the main character when you have to keep rereading a previous section in order to understand when the sentence begins and ends. At one point, I think she used at least ten commas in one sentence; not to mention the use of semi colons and stuff.

But getting all that, the book was rather good. The characters were fairly believable; they could be normal people, I suppose. I enjoyed the fact that each chapter switched the narrative between Emma and Nina. How things were explained in detail about what the other was thinking. Yet, sometimes, it annoyed me how chapters would overlap and you'd basically be reading the same thing over and over again. It felt dull really.

When I bought the book, I was told that it was going to - and I quote - 'blow my mind'. I went in to buy Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. But the book was listed as being a part of buy one, get one half price. So I asked one of the guys who worked there, what they could suggest. They said that Her was like Gone Girl, but better. Now, I haven't actually read Gone Girl yet, but I don't think that I'd agree with that statement. Hey, I know that's their opinion. But still, it annoys. He'd really hyped the book up to me and I was really excited to read it; maybe that's why I disliked it so much. Usually books that have received such a huge hype usually annoy me; and I find that I don't like them as much as I'd like to.

The main reason that I didn't like this book was the ending. I have to say that I am so confused about what went on at the end. I think I know but not really. I still don't understand it, and that was like three, four hours ago. What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!! If any one else has read this, then please let me know what you think happened; because really I have absolutely no idea!


This book wasn't completely awful, but is also wasn't amazing either. That's why I'm only going to give this book: ***. I'm sorry, but these are my opinions. It can't be helped, but I really didn't enjoy this book.

Book Total Of 2015 - 19