Friday, 24 April 2015

Review | How To Fall In Love, By Cecelia Ahern

What You Need To Know:

Title: How To Fall In Love
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Number of Pages: 336
Genres: Contemporary, Romance,
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 7th November, 2013

The Plot:

Christina Rose recently has had a destroying life experience; she witness a guy shooting himself. Not in a film or on telly but face to face. She met this guy at an abandoned estate who was ready to shoot himself and she tried to stop him; to convince him not to. But it all ended badly.

She left her husband because of that and she blames herself for everything. So when she meets a man who is standing on the other side of the Ha'penny bridge in Dublin, getting ready to jump, she makes a vow to help him fall back in love with his life.

Adam Basil is the man's name and his life has taken a turn for the worst. His father, a complete asshole,  is dying and expects him to take over the family business and the woman he loves decided to cheat on him with his best friend. In Adam's eyes, it would be far easier to end his life then and there. But Christina gets in the way with her insane proposal. She can make his life so much more better, teach him how to fall in love (with life) before his 35th birthday; 20 days.

Despite her determination to do good, Christina knows the risk. She is tempting fate and if she can't solve this man's problems then she will be the cause of another person's death.

The clock seems to be ticking far too quickly as the two embark on nightly adventures that revolve around romantic gestures for his love. Slowly, Christina sees that Adam is beginning to fall back in love with his life. But is that all that he's falling in love with?

My Thoughts: 

I love Cecelia Ahern. Yes, I may have only read When Rainbows End but I still love her work. I have loads of her books and I keep meaning to read them, but I never do! I will eventually ... too many books, too little time.

But this was so lovely! Her style of writing is very very refreshing as it feels like she is speaking to me. I felt like that in When Rainbows End but in this it was just so ... beautiful.

The plot of the book was so interesting. The fact that all Christina wanted to do was help people, improve their life was so beautiful. And she wasn't even a psychologist; she was a job agent person. That's something that I thought was so beautiful. And the minor characters in the book really made me feel for Christina and Adam, especially with Adam's father and Christina's ex. Strangely I really connected to them because of that. And the hinted romance between them, just made me want to squeal!!!!!! I loved it. I love them. Not as much as Rosie and Alex but they are just so cute!!!!!!!!

I apologise for my little outburst but it was so good! And I read this way back in February so I can't actually remember a lot of my initial reactions (sorry) but I can just remember the beauty of this writing!!!!


The reasons above are why I have to go this book a *****

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