Friday, 10 April 2015


For so long I have wanted to do a TBR jar or a monthly TBR list thing; but I want to know if I'd be able to stick with it.

I've had a TBR a few months ago. But every time I went to pick something out, I would keep picking until I found a book that I really wanted to read. Is that bad? Yes, so that's why I think I should do a TBR list/post each month. If I do that then I'll be able to pick three or four books in advance. By doing this I'll be able to read those and some more books during that month. It might also help me to get close to my target for the year.

For people who don't know, I want to read at least 30 books this year. Today is the 10th of April and I am on my 20th read of the year. So I do believe that I will beat this target. By regularly creating a TBR list/post for each month, then I should be able to read a lot this year.

Therefore, my next post shall be about my TBR for April 2015 and I shall do one of these every month ... I hope ....
I won't, however, be doing a wrap up each month. No offence, but I really don't see the point in doing one when I do reviews for all of my reads. No offence, to people who do do them.

Bet that previous statement made no sense, right? Right. Sorry about that!

So look forward to my regular TBR post that will be coming up soon; maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. Maybe at some time next week. Who knows, but it will be out soon; I promise!

Book Total of 2015 - 19