Thursday, 16 April 2015

Type Cast

As people will know I go to a performing arts college and I take Musical Theatre. In my acting lesson the other day we were talking about type casting for auditions. Type cast is a character type that you feel most comfortable. This can be to do with an acting style as well as look.

To start with, we have to list three words that we feel describe us on an initial look. So I put these three words: awkward, geeky and shy. That is what I am like when I initially meet people. I know that, my close friends know that. As I get used to people I open up and be more confident, but not really.

Then we had to get into pairs and name ourselves A and B. A and B then had to sit opposite each other in a circle. We then had to tell the person opposite, in thirty seconds, what we thought they were like and the role that they were most likely to fit into. Then B's moved clockwise round the circle and we would find out what other people thought about us.

After that we had to condense the list and discover what other people believed our type cast was.

This I think is a brilliant idea, because it allows you to interact with more people who don't really know you - sixty of us were together - and see what they think you are like.

Apparently I come across a completely different way to how I actually am.

Words that constantly occurred are:
Confident (what?!)
Geeky (okay, I agree with that!)
Shy (thank you)

Then I was given roles like:
Miss Honey from Matilda
Frenchy from Grease
Maria from The Sound of Music
Fiona from Shrek
Bella from Beauty and the Beast
Guinevere from Camelot

These are such diverse roles and it just amazed me that so many people said these things about me.

We finally had to write down the three or four most common words that would occurred on our list. Mine were: mature, serious, geeky and confident.

Doing this has really shocked me, people think that I'm confident. Me, confident! Yes when I perform. But me in actual life; no! Like, what the hell!

But that is what my (apparent) type cast is. So, yeah ....

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