Friday, 17 April 2015

Review | Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter

What You Need To Know:

Title: Paper Aeroplanes
Author: Dawn O'Porter 
Number of Pages: 258
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary 
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Published: 2nd May, 2013

The Plot:

Paper Aeroplanes revolves around two girls, Flo and Renee. Flo is a smart, teacher's pet like girl. Renee is a trouble maker. Both girls are completely different and have one thing in common with each other; Sally. Sally is Flo's best friend and Renee's worst enemy. These two girls should never become friends, right? Wrong.

The one thing that people would think would ensure the separation of the two, is the one thing that actually creates their connection.

A family dilemma occurs in both of their lives. Renee's happened when she was seven whilst Flo's that year, but that too connects the two girls with their difficult families.

Behind the compelling story of an unlikely friendship blooming is a highly relatable story. A story that any high school girl can relate to. A story about boys, looks, G.C.S.Es and friendship. It's a story that anyone can connect to.

My Thoughts On The Book:

I have to say that I really did enjoy this book, I didn't know whether I was expecting it to be but it really was good. I normally don't like books that continually switch character point of views, I think I mentioned that in my review for Eleanor and Park. For me this makes the book feel a bit like amateur work; sort of like fanfiction. Especially when the point of views are in the first person.

However, with this book I quite liked it. It instantly gripped me and I found myself really enjoying it. Usually the chapters overlap to understand the different opinions of both of the characters. But it didn't. Yes, things in a time sense might have happened around each other but they didn't describe the same thing over and over in both characters views. That is something that I really enjoyed, it was rather refreshing. When you have to read the same thing over and over it gets really really dull!!!!!

The characters in the book seemed real. Not just Flo and Renee but the teachers and the other school kids and the parents. It was like Dawn O'Porter was able to capture people from the 90s and just hand them to us on a plate ... well book but you get that what I mean. I really liked that, it made the book feel real.

The points in the book helped with that too, feeling real I mean. Every teenage girl has experienced the things in this book, maybe not to the extremeness but they will have felt it. Like periods and the moment when you have to go and pads or tampons for the first time. Every girl knows that feeling, so it makes the story even more believable.


For all the reasons above, I have rated this book as: ****

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